The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3739

Chapter 3739

On the other hand, James calmly looked at the man in a white robe, who had just appeared, and said,
“Long time no see.”

Radomir heard the familiar yet unfamiliar voice and stared at James.

“James, it’s you.”

As the Lord of this universe, he knew everything. He began planning during the Primeval Age. That
was how he managed to create the current Twelfth Universe.

He met James in the Primeval Age, but James died during that time.

He knew James resolved the Four Calamities of Earth and the Four Calamities of the Human Race. He
also knew that James in the Primeval Age was from this era. Thus, James was destined to die in the
Primeval Age.

No matter how extraordinary James was, Radomir did not care.

However, James appeared now. In fact, James was stronger than him, so how could he not be

“Didn’t you die in battle during the Primeval Age? You were besieged to death by the nine
powerhouses of the First Universe in the new universe. So, how are you still alive?”

Radomir had a shocked expression.

James smiled. “This is a long story. I don’t know why I’m alive either, but I am still alive.”

“Your ability… Have you entered the Macrocosm Ancestral God Rank?” Radomir asked, confused.

It should not be possible. He was a Macrocosm Ancestral God Rank powerhouse and was in charge of
the Heavenly Path, so how could he be unaware of a powerhouse in the Twelfth Universe entering the
Macrocosm Ancestral God Rank?

James shook his head and said, “I can’t sense which cultivation rank I’m in.”

Radomir tried to sense James’ cultivation rank.

Nevertheless, he could not sense it either.

He inquired, “What happened?”

James responded, “I don’t know. I only know that my cultivation rank was at the peak of the Quasi
Ancestral God Rank, one step away from the Ancestral God Rank, when I died in battle. After I revived,
I couldn’t sense my cultivation rank. It’s as if I’ve gone to a path different from the cultivation path.

“Besides, I have coincidentally entered the Fourth Stage of the Omniscience Path.

“Everything was due to the battle in the new universe.

“That battle shattered all of my Path Seals and caused countless powers to wreak havoc in my body. In
addition to that, I consumed a Macrocosm Core and countless Macrocosm-Ranked elixirs. In the end,
these powers completely blended with the power of the Dark Wellspring and birthed a new power.”

James did not hide anything from Radomir.

To the common people, Radomir was evil. In order to stabilize his status, he wiped out an entire era
and altered the Heavenly Path, causing many living beings of numerous eras to be unable to enter the
Quasi Ancestral God Rank.
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Nonetheless, James went to the Primeval Age before, so he understood Radomir.

If Radomir did not do all of this, James would do it instead.

Thus, James trusted Radomir.

After listening to James, Radomir was confused as he mumbled, “This is strange. What power can the
power of countless Path, the Macrocosm Core, the Macrocosm-Ranked elixirs, and the power of the
Dark Wellspring form?”

Even Radomir, a Macrocosm Ancestral God, could not understand all this.

Nevertheless, he did not ponder on it.

Patting James on the shoulder, Radomir smiled. “I knew you had a bright future. You’re stronger than
me now, which means that no matter which cultivation rank you’re currently in, you can defeat a First
Stage Macrocosm Ancestral God.”

Radomir was excited.

“The Twelfth Universe has been wasted for several eras. Now, the most dazzling era has come. Even
other universes have their eyes on the current Twelfth Universe and sent prodigies here for training.

“I believe that several Epochs later, the Twelfth Universe can rise completely and birth several
Macrocosm Ancestral Gods. Then, the Twelfth Universe will become strong and no longer fear the
other universes. Even the wish of the Holy Master of Nothingness can be fulfilled, making the Dark
World peaceful.

“James, let’s work together and glorify the Twelfth Universe.”

However, James shook his head and responded, “Let’s discuss this next time. I need to find Thea first.
Without Thea, I don’t have the motivation to do anything.”

“What kind of mindset is that?”Radomir reprimanded, “Is it worth giving up the world for a woman? As
one of the top powerhouses, you can get any woman.”

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