The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3741

Chapter 3741

“Huff.” Sadness clouded James’ expression.

Who would have thought a mere woman could trouble a peerless powerhouse so?

After James let out a despondent sigh, he tried to sense Thea in the deepest part of his soul. A portion
of Thea’s soul was used to formulate the Ancestral God Rank Elixir. After he consumed it, a trace of
her soul had been melded with his.

James could sense a Path Sigil embedded within his soul.


However, the Path Sigil had no consciousness. No matter how much James called out to it, the Path
Sigil stayed silent. Back when he was on the brink of death, the Path Sigil awakened, and Thea’s voice
called out to him.

“I’ll try to extrapolate this Path Sigil.”

James tried to track down his beloved again, relying on the Path Sigil. Unfortunately, he was still unable
to divine Thea’s whereabouts. After a few attempts, James finally gave up.

He was unable to find Thea despite his great strength. Perhaps, this had been decided by fate. For
now, he could only wait. Despite that, he firmly believed Thea would turn up sooner or later.

James turned around and left. The next moment, he arrived back at the Divine Dimension in the
Human Realm.

The Human Realm’s Divine Dimension was the cornerstone of the Twelfth Universe. Now that the
Twelfth Universe had developed into one of the strongest universes, many prodigies were drawn in and
they settled within the Human Realm’s Divine Dimension.

The Elysian Seal had already been lifted for some time, but the Twelfth Universe’s inhabitants were still
very weak.

Despite the fact that some successfully became Ancestral Gods, they had only one Path Seal.

Meanwhile, the new generation of prodigies that had risen during the Apocalypse Age chose not to
progress more slowly and focused on acquiring more Path Seals.

On the other hand, most of the foreign beings that came to the Twelfth Universe were at the Divine
Rank, and a few were still at the Sage Rank. They had come for the Twelfth Universe’s luck so that
they could acquire more Path Seals.

Naturally, several powerhouses had also made their way to the Twelfth Universe to look for an
opportunity to become Macrocosm Ancestral Gods.

The Twelfth Universe had become the most popular universe, and many powerhouses had come to
broaden their horizons. When the foreign powerhouses came to the Twelfth Universe, they would also
bring luck from their own universe.
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As a result, the Twelfth Universe accumulated a significant amount of luck.

The Heavenly Path was aware of the overall benefits this resulted in and permitted others to enter into
the Twelfth Universe.

James appeared in the Divine Dimension and spread his Divine Sense throughout the area to
determine the Callahan family’s whereabouts.

Jacopo was the Human Race’s Lord and controlled the Human Realm. Since Jacopo’s mother was
Thea, he was also related to the Callahans. Therefore, the Callahans relied on Jacopo’s status to
highlight their family’s influence.

On the other hand, the Caden family was the strongest force in the Human Realm.

James immediately sensed many familiar auras.

“I’m glad they’re still around.”

James was relieved.

Although he successfully located them, he did not intend to meet them. He wanted to meet up with
Henrik beforehand. Henrik was not within the Divine Dimension. James expanded his senses to span
the universe and found Henrik in the Demon Realm. With a thought, he disappeared from the Human
Realm. The next moment, he had arrived in the Demon Realm’s Divine Dimension.

Henrik stood atop a mountain in the Demon Realm’s Divine Dimension. He wore a white robe and his
face was contorted in fury.

“I didn’t think that you’d been resurrected, Yermolai.”

A man wearing a blue robe stood on a mountain opposite Henrik. He looked at Henrik with a menacing

“You b*stard! You fought me with everything you had in the new universe. You obliterated my soul, and
my master went through hell and back to resurrect me.”

“Let’s settle everything today. Right here.” Henrik’s expression darkened.

After their brief exchange, a powerful aura erupted from Henrik’s body.

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