The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3742

Chapter 3742

Henrik grieved over James’ death and felt responsible over it.

Ever since James died, he had stayed in seclusion. He easily avoided the Dark Strife during the
Primeval Age and survived until this point because Yukia was his master.

The Twelfth Universe was in a prosperous age and attracted countless prodigies from the other
universes. He never expected Yermolai, who had supposedly died under his sword, to still be alive.
Yermolai was James’ murderer.

Henrik’s heart burned with a desire for revenge when he saw Yermolai.

In the Primeval Age, Henrik was already at the Terra Ancestral God Rank. He lived through the Ancient
Heavenly Court Age and the Primordial Age. During this time, he reached the peak of the Caelum
Ancestral God Rank. He had also been pursuing ultimate strength and had successfully cultivated ten

In the current age, he was one of the best Caelum Ancestral Gods. Ordinary Caelum Ancestral Gods
could not compare to him.

Yermolai looked at Henrik with a calm expression.

“James was indeed a genius. I was greatly inspired by him when we fought. If I hadn’t fought him back
then, I wouldn’t have ever accomplished what I have today.

“It’s unfortunate he had to die. It was his fate since he was born in the Twelfth Universe. If he were to
be born in the First Universe, he would’ve become one of the greatest powerhouses to ever live.”

Yermolai voiced his opinions about James. Afterward, he grinned. “You’re quite impressive as well to
have broken through the limits of heaven and earth. You’re already a Caleum Ancestral God with ten

Paths. You’re very close to becoming a Macrocosm Ancestral God. Unfortunately, you’re still slightly
weaker than me. I’m already a Macrocosm Ancestral God.”

Henrik retorted. “So what?”

“Even if you’re a Macrocosm Ancestral God, I’ll make sure you suffer. Don’t think of leaving alive since
you’ve shown your face here.”

Henrik oozed murderous intent toward Yermolai.

Yermolai reminded him, “You have to consider the situation carefully, Henrik. We’re in the Twelfth
Universe and it’s not the most stable universe. If we fight here, the Demon Realm will definitely

Henrik glared at him and said, “Do you dare to fight me in the Chaos?”

“Since you insist, I’ll use this chance to show you the difference between a Caelum Ancestral God and
Macrocosm Ancestral God.”

Yermolai was fearless.

After speaking, he immediately dashed into the sky. He traveled through the mesmerizing universe and
appeared in the Chaos. Henrik followed closely behind him. When the two entered the Chaos, Henrik
immediately attacked Yermolai using his full strength.

A fierce battle unfolded in the Chaos.

Meanwhile, James had rushed over to the Demon Realm after sensing Henrik’s presence. However, he
could no longer trace his aura the moment he arrived in the Demon Realm.

“He was here just a while ago. Where did he disappear to?” James frowned.

He stood where he previously sensed Henrik, waved his hand, and gathered a few law fragments.
Immediately afterward, a vision of what recently happened in the area replayed before his eyes.

His brows furrowed tighter after seeing Yermolai.

James quickly left the Demon Realm and rushed toward the Chaos without hesitation. He sensed
alarming fluctuations in the Chaos as soon as he entered it. Fortunately, he was unscathed by the
resultant shockwaves from Henrik and Yermolai’s battle.

James did not immediately announce his presence but watched the battle in hiding.

Henrik was very powerful. He had broken through the limits of heaven and earth and was a Caelum
Ancestral God with ten Paths. The Chaos itself was affected by Henrik using his full strength in battle.

However, Yermolai had also cultivated ten Paths. On top of that, he was already a Macrocosm
Ancestral God. No matter how strong Henrik was, he could not beat Yermolai. Moreover, Yermolai even
had a Chaotic Treasure.
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Henrik was overpowered and quickly sustained injuries right after the battle began.

“I had no intention of killing you at the start. However, since we’re in the Chaos, I’ll make this place your

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