The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3744

Chapter 3744

Henrik was flabbergasted.

He witnessed James’ death with his own eyes. He brought James’ body back to the Twelfth Universe
and personally buried him.

How was it possible for James to come back to life after such a long time had passed?

After James died, Henrik wandered around aimlessly. He even followed his master to other universes
to train. When the Apocalypse Age began, he had heard about a cultivator called James Caden, who
played a considerable part in resolving the Four Calamities.

Back in the Primeval Age, he had no idea James was from the future. It was only until the Apocalypse
Age did he realize that James was destined to travel back in time to the Primeval Age.

Henrik knew he could not interfere with the matter.

If he were to stop James from time traveling, the Primeval Age’s events would be changed forever and
that would lead to a cascade of grave consequences. The Primeval Age intended history would cease
to exist, and so would everything of the present. Henrik was not able to bear the Karma and

Even though he knew James would die in the Primeval Age, he held his tongue.

However, James had returned in the flesh. He was shocked but also delighted to see him again.

“Is it really you, James? I’m not hallucinating, right?” stammered Henrik in disbelief.

“Let’s head back first before we catch up.”

James did not stay in the Chaos for long and quickly returned to the Twelfth Universe.

Henrik followed closely behind him.

The two returned to the Twelfth Universe and headed to a restaurant in some city within the Demon
Realm’s Divine Dimension. They sat by a window, and James began to recount everything that
happened over drinks.

“Truthfully, I’m still confused by everything that transpired up to this point. I don’t even know how I was
resurrected. A few dozen Epochs after my death, I suddenly came back to life. Then, I used the Time
Capsule to travel through the River of Time and arrived at the current era.”

Shocked, Henrik asked. “How about your strength? How did you get so powerful? Yermolai is a
Macrocosm Ancestral God with ten Paths. He’s terrifyingly strong yet he couldn’t even withstand one
blow from you.”

“After I regained consciousness, I felt a new kind of power within my body,” said James.

James recalled past events and continued telling his story. “During the great battle in the Primeval Age,
all the Path Seals in my body were shattered, and their power began to flow throughout my body.
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“I had also consumed a Macrocosm Core, refined the Dark Wellspring, and eaten the Macrocosm
Herbs you gave me.

“All these powers fused and formed a new kind of power. However, I can’t seem to discern my
cultivation rank.”

James did not hide anything from Henrik and told him everything that happened in the past.

Hearing this, Henrik fell into thought.

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