The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3745

Chapter 3745

After a while, Henrik said, “My Grandmaster, Yukia, had already predicted the birth of the new universe
and handed my master a pouch in advance.

“She instructed him to send me to the new universe to join you. I was also asked to collect powerful
herbs. However, my master never explained its purpose to me.

“When you were injured and consumed the Macrocosm Core, I suddenly realized why I was tasked to
collect those herbs. Perhaps my Grandmaster knew you would be in distress and wanted me to collect
those herbs to save you.”

Hearing this, James asked puzzledly. “So you’re saying everything I’ve gone through was according to
Yukia’s plan? Did she also predict I’d develop a new power in my body?”

Henrik shook his head. “Maybe it’s a power that can only be generated under specific conditions. My
Grandmaster must’ve been secretly pulling the strings and guiding you toward this outcome.”

James was now extremely intrigued by this enigmatic figure.

What kind of person was Yukia? Why was everything to do with him related to her?

James waved his hand and said, “Forget it. I don’t want to fill my head with complicated thoughts now.
Let’s enjoy our drinks.”
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He picked up his wine glass, toasted to Henrik, and drank everything in one gulp.

“By the way…”

Henrik asked. “Why did you let Yermolai go? He’s a Macrocosm Ancestral God from the First Universe.
Moreover, he was the one that sent many powerhouses after you back in the Primeval Age.”

James thought about it and said, “It’s easy to kill him, but he’s from the First Universe. His master is the
First Universe’s Lord and the Omnipotent Lord is extremely powerful. If I were to kill him, the First
Universe’s powerhouses would be enraged and would target the Twelfth Universe. It would be a
disaster for the Twelfth Universe if I killed him.

“I don’t know the Omnipotent Lord’s strength, but he’s the Lord of the First Universe. Their universe has
existed the longest, and I can’t underestimate him. Before I’m absolutely assured I can best him, I’ll try
to avoid inciting him.”

The Twelfth Universe was at peace.

Foreign powerhouses had come to the Twelfth Universe, which meant that the universe was
celebrating a prosperous era.

Earning the ire of the First Universe would bring disaster to the Twelfth Universe.

James did not want to kill Yermolai over a personal conflict and cause the suffering of the inhabitants in
the Twelfth Universe.

Henrik nodded lightly and said, “You’re right. The Twelfth Universe had been oppressed for so long and
is now finally growing stronger. It’s best not to invite such trouble at this critical period.

“I’m so glad you’re still alive, James. We can continue fighting together again.”

Henrik was in a good mood and chattered on cheerily. He finally had the chance to vent out the
emotions that he had bottled up all these years.

“What are you planning to do next, James?” asked Henrik.

James sighed lightly at his question.

“I traveled to the Primeval Age to look for Thea. Although I found her, she reincarnated. I have no idea
where she was reborn and I don’t know where I should go to find her.”

Henrik comforted him, “Since she’s been reincarnated, I’m sure she’ll appear sooner or later. The
Twelfth Universe is currently the most prosperous and is highly desired by other universes. I’m sure
Thea will be reincarnated into this age. You just need to patiently wait for her. By the way, many other
powerhouses have been acting very arrogantly in the Twelfth Universe. Our Elysian Seal has only just
been lifted, and our people haven’t grown strong enough to take on the other universe’s powerhouses.
Since you’ve returned, let’s teach them their place together.”

James shook his head lightly.

Henry asked, “What’s wrong? Was that too excessive?”

James replied. “Our universes seem to be harmoniously co-existing at the moment, but a lot is brewing
beneath the surface. If I suddenly show up, it’ll cause needless uproar. I’m not planning to reveal

Henrik smiled and said, “That’s fine. You can just disguise yourself and use a completely different

James replied. “That’s precisely what I’m planning to do. James Caden has already died in the
Primeval Age. If word got out that I’m still alive, it’d definitely cause the other universes’ Macrocosm
Ancestral Gods to panic.”

Henrik said smilingly, “True. You’ve cultivated too many Paths and have several Macrocosm Powers. If
you were to become a Macrocosm Ancestral God, they wouldn’t stand a chance against you. If they
find out you’re still alive, they will try to get rid of you as soon as possible.”

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