The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3747

Chapter 3747

Henrik greeted him respectfully. “Greetings, Master.”

The old man nodded lightly, then turned to James. He smiled and said, “I finally got to see you in
person, James.”

Knowing the old man had existed since the early days of the Twelfth Universe, James also addressed
him respectfully. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Sir.”

The Unmatched Emperor waved his hand, and a table and some chairs appeared outside the wooden
house. He gestured to his guests and said, “Sit.”

James sat himself down on one of the chairs.

His eyes were glued on the Unmatched Emperor as he tried to discern his cultivation rank. However,
he could not sense anything from the Unmatched Emperor, and it was like there was a void in the
man’s body.

The Unmatched Emperor smiled lightly and said, “I’ve already transcended cultivation ranks and
embarked on a different path.”

Hearing this, James was startled.

‘He’s transcended the way of cultivation and embarked on a different path?’ thought James.

The Unmatched Emperor smiled politely. “If you have any questions, ask away.”
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James inquired, “Before the creation of the Thirteenth Universe in the Primeval Age, Yukia handed you
a pouch, didn’t she? What did it contain?”

“The Primeval Age? That’s a very long time ago.”

The Unmatched Emperor pondered deeply about his answer. After a while, he said, “She did pass me
a pouch, but it didn’t have much inside it. There was only a message saying that you’d go to the new
universe on behalf of the Twelfth Universe and that you’d go through a horrible ordeal. She mentioned
it’d be tough for you to overcome the event and survive. I was also instructed to send someone to the
new universe to gather a great number of herbs.”

The Unmatched Emperor spoke offhandedly as if he were talking about something insignificant.
However, his words made James’ blood race. His suspicion that Yukia had been secretly guiding him
forward was true.

“Who exactly is Yukia?” James wondered aloud.

A pensive look flashed across the Unmatched Emperor’s face. “My master…”

After thinking for a long time, he replied. “I don’t know much about her either. However, she did mention
a bit of her past. Back when there were only eight universes, great turmoil erupted in the Dark World
and the Dark World went through a power shuffle. My master severely injured three hundred Ninth
Stage Lords in the Dark World.

“Oh, that’s right. You must be unfamiliar with the Lord Rank.

“The Lord Rank is the Dark World’s equivalent to the Macrocosm Ancestral God Rank in the
Illuminated World.

“Being at the Lord Rank’s Ninth Stage is akin to a Macrocosm Ancestral God who had cultivated nine
Macrocosm Powers.”

James exclaimed in awe. “She’s that powerful?!”

What kind of strength did Yukia wield to severely injure 300 Ninth Stage Lords?

The Unmatched Emperor said, “That’s all I know about her. I know nothing about her background nor
do I know her cultivation rank.”


James took a deep breath to calm himself down.

After a while, he asked again, “Then why did Yukia appear in the Twelfth Universe? What was she
planning to do? What is her goal?”

“What is her goal, huh?” The Unmatched Emperor mumbled, repeating James’ words in a daze.

He looked at James and said, “I remember her mentioning that there was an opportunity to completely
dismantle something the Twelfth Universe. However, a brand new power would be needed for that, and
she planned to create it.

“She called it Chaos Power.”

“Chaos Power?” James looked at him puzzledly and asked. “Could the power that formed in my body
be Chaos Power?”

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