The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3748

Chapter 3748

Yukia had come up with an elaborate plan to concoct a new power that could devastate everything.
Hearing this, James immediately thought about the power that arose in his body.

He knew his whole life had been progressing according to Yukia’s plans. Thus, he concluded that she
must have had something to do with the powers in his body.

The Unmatched Emperor looked at James.

“I’m not sure whether it’s Chaos Power that resides in your body. However, I learned from my master
that Chaos Power is an outstanding power that can transcend everything. It’s a completely new type of

He looked at James and asked, “Do you know about the Omniscience Path?”

James nodded and asked, “Yeah. What about it? Does it have something to do with Chaos Power?”

The Unmatched Emperor nodded lightly and said, “Indeed.”

James’ eyes lit up curiously.

The Omniscience Path was another branch of cultivation, but passing the Third Stage was
unprecedented. Many have entered the Omniscience Path since the beginning of the Primeval Age, but
all encountered a dead end at the Third Stage. After reaching the Third Stage, their full potential was
supposed to be unlocked, and there was no further progress to be made.”

The Unmatched Emperor said, “My master theorized that all beings have infinite potential. However,
this potential had been tampered with. As a result, every living being’s potential was inadvertently
limited and could progress no further than the Omniscience Path’s Third Stage.”

“It was tampered with? What are you talking about?” James was intrigued and asked, “How was it
altered and who’s responsible for it?”

The Unmatched Emperor shook his head and said, “I don’t know these things. Perhaps your answers
lie with only my master. I’ve already told you everything I learned from her.

“She said that crossing further into the Omniscience Path would give one unspeakable strength. When
you reach the pinnacle of the Omniscience Path, you will be connected to the Chaos and can absorb
Chaos Power. When you reach that level, you can create universes in the Chaos with just a snap of the

“Huff.” James took a deep breath.

The thought of creating a new universe with the snap of a finger was terrifying. The mere concept of
being connected to the Chaos was unfathomable, let alone absorbing its power.

James knew the Chaos was boundless. Even a Macrocosm Ancestral God could not grasp the
vastness of the Chaos nor be able to absorb Chaos Power. Everything he just heard sounded
incredibly farfetched.

After James took a deep, steady breath, he soon calmed down.

“The Omniscience Path’s zenith is supposed to be limited to the Third Stage. Nevertheless, I’ve
entered the Fourth Stage. Does that mean one can cultivate Chaos Power after entering the Fourth
Stage?” asked James.

The Unmatched Emperor chuckled lightly and said, “Haha. It’d be nice if it were that simple. My master
wouldn’t have to dedicate so much time seeing her plans to fruition if it were.”

“If the product of cultivating the Omniscience Path is Chaos Power, then why should I continue if I
already have Chaos Power in my body? Aren’t I already invincible at my current strength?” James
asked tentatively.

The Unmatched Emperor shook his head lightly.

“No, James. You still don’t understand Chaos Power. It’s a terrifying power, an existence that
transcends all other powers. Even if all the Macrocosm Powers in the universe were to combine
together, it wouldn’t compare to Chaos Power.

“There is indeed a new kind of power within your body. It’s very special, but it’s not Chaos Power. Your
power might be similar to mine. Chaos Power is but a mere hypothesis of my master, and there’s no
telling whether it exists or not.”
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“Y-You?” James looked at the Unmatched Emperor and asked. “Did you also cultivate sixteen Paths
and endure a grueling battle?”

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