The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3749

Chapter 3749

“Ha,” The Unmatched Emperor chuckled lightly.

“Why are you laughing, Sir?” James was confused.

The Unmatched Emperor effortlessly moved his hand, and a painting appeared before him. The
painting consisted of countless lines, each of which originated from the same point but branched out
into different tracks. Eventually, all these lines would meet up at the end.

When he looked at the painting, James immediately understood the point the Unmatched Emperor tried
to make.

The Unmatched Emperor put away the painting with a flourish of his hand and explained. “No matter
what road you walk or what you encounter along the way, the endpoint is the same. Both your power
and mine will eventually become Chaos Power.”

“So you’re saying my current power isn’t Chaos Power yet?” asked James.

The Unmatched Emperor nodded and said, “Yes, you think of it that way. Although it can’t be called
Chaos Power yet, your power has progressed much further than mine. Your power consists of several
Macrocosm Powers bound together, whereas mine doesn’t contain any power equivalent to
Macrocosm Power.”

Perplexed, James asked, “Then what exactly does it take to cultivate Chaos Power?”

The Unmatched Emperor shook his head and said, “I would like to know the answer too, and my
master even more so. If she knew how to cultivate Chaos Power, she wouldn’t have to go through so
much trouble.”

James thought for a while and said, “Since cultivating normally isn’t going to work, then wouldn’t the
only option be to proceed down the Omniscience Path? What stage must I reach in the Omniscience

Path to develop Chaos Power?”

The Unmatched Emperor shook his head again.

“I don’t know either.

“Master has secretly guided you into cultivating myriads of Paths. Eventually, they were destroyed, and
from their ashes awoke as a new power. If you continue to look into it, it might evolve into Chaos

“Moreover, you’ve already entered the Fourth Stage, which is beyond the supposed limit.

“You can keep improving on both fronts. While exploring the path to Chaos Power, you must also
continue to study the Omniscience Path. Although the Omniscience Path is said to be a dead-end,
nothing is truly absolute. Under my master’s direction, you managed to enter the Fourth Stage.”

James rubbed his temples and said, “That is to say, I’m on my own from here onward?”
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The Unmatched Emperor nodded and said, “Of course, you’ll have to slowly make your way forward.
From now on, no one will be able to help you in your cultivation journey because no one else has
walked the current path you’re on. Not even my master. She’s only ever run simulations of it.

“Master had to test countless experiments and permutations to enable you to reach your current stage.
There’s nothing else she can do for you in the future. There must be a reason she chose you. Perhaps
you are inextricably linked to her.”

Yukia had repeatedly run experiments and tested various permutations of the Chaos Path.

However, the further she was able to make it was where James stood at the moment. Yet, she had not
arrived on the actual Chaos Path and was far from it. James had to walk the rest of the journey alone.

His brain whirled with questions.

Who tempered with the Omniscience Path?

James asked, “Did Yukia ever say who tempered with the Omniscience Path and restricted everyone’s
infinite potential?”

The Unmatched Emperor shook his head and replied. “How would I know? My master is not
omnipotent. She simply guessed that a mysterious powerhouse tempered with it. Perhaps, the
Omniscience Path truly only has three stages, and everyone was born with limited potential.”

No one could say for sure. Even the Unmatched Emperor, who had accompanied Yukia for countless
years, did not have the answer.

“I have one more question. What does Yukia look like?” asked James.

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