The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3752

Chapter 3752

James and Henrik stayed behind.

James sat on a chair beside Henrik and fell into deep thought. He had gotten a lot of information from
the Unmatched Emperor. Now, he knew the new power in him was Chaos Power. To be precise, it had
not become Chaos Power yet and was only a precursor.

The power he possessed was something Yukia theorized about. She experimented countless times
and pathed out its formation. Ultimately, she used the results of her hypothesis on James.

With this power, he surpassed the Macrocosm Ancestral Gods with one Macrocosm Power. However,
this power alone was insufficient. James knew that Yukia inflicted heavy injuries on 300 Ninth Stage
Lords on her own during a grueling battle in the Dark World. Her strength was beyond imagination.

James had no idea what Yukia wanted to ultimately achieve, but he knew she was not finished yet.

To achieve her final goal, she needed a completely new power. She theorized about the existence of
Chaos Power and wanted to create it. James figured that the only way he could see her appearance
was after he successfully cultivated Chaos Power.

Henrik asked, “What are you thinking about?

“It’s nothing.”

James snapped out of his thoughts.

Henrik said, “Let’s go to the Fiend Realm and look for Qusai. He’s our sworn brother after all.”

“Sure. However, I’m not going to reveal myself. I’ll need a disguise and a fake name. Cultivation is
divided into fifty possibilities. After discarding the other forty-nine possibilities, only one outcome

remains. That outcome is me, the unpredictable element that Yukia Dearnaley sought out. From today
onward, my name will be Forty-nine.”

James thought of a name for himself.


It seemed like an innocuous number, but James felt like there was a deeper meaning to it.

“Forty-nine? That’s a great name!” Henrik praised him heartily.

James rolled his eyes and said, “Enough. I don’t need you to kiss my *ss like that. By the way, have
you been hiding your true strength this whole time?”
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Henrik replied. “Yeah. Grand Emperors are pretty scarce, even in this age. If I showed my real strength,
it’d cause a huge uproar.”

“Then how did you know that Brielle would become the first Grand Emperor in the Apocalypse Age?”
asked James.

Henrik smiled cryptically and said, “Divining these things is easy at my level. Back then, I thought you’d
die in the Primeval Age anyway. So I thought to use you for entertainment before your eventual death.
Brielle is a very exceptional woman. I forgot to tell you, but after the Elysian Seal was lifted, the Twelfth
Universe flourished. Brielle was also fortunate and found many opportunities. She perfected her Path
and cultivated other Path Seals. Right now, she has a total of nine Path Seals.”

James nodded lightly.

Since the Twelfth Universe was booming, its inhabitants were naturally blessed with its luck.

Throughout the history of the Twelfth Universe, those who had cultivated nine Path Seals were very
rare prodigies. However, they were not that unusual in today’s environment.

James was not surprised that Brielle had cultivated nine Path Seals.

“Let’s head to the Fiend Realm first.” After he spoke, James’ appearance changed completely as he hid
his identity. It was easy for him to change his appearance with his current strength. After disguising
himself, no one would notice him unless he willingly exposed himself.

Henrik grinned as he scrutinized James’ new appearance. “Your new face is going to take some getting
used to.”

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