The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3753

Chapter 3753

James replied, “You’ll get used to it.”

“Let’s go.”

Henrik and James left the Demon Realm and went to the Fiend Realm. The Fiend Realm was one of
the major realms and had Three Dimensions. The vast majority of those living within the Fiend Realm
were of the Fiend Race. However, there were a few exceptions, and some humans lived there too.

The Fiend Realm’s ruler was the Supreme Fiend Lord.

The Supreme Fiend Lord was a Great Emperor during the Apocalypse Age. He survived the Primordial
Age. As the Fiend Realm’s Lord, his strength was quite exceptional. He was blessed with the Fiend
Race’s luck. Since the Elysian Seal was lifted, he accumulated even more luck. As a result, he
effortlessly perfected his Path and also cultivated nine Path Seals.

The Elysian Seal was lifted a long time ago, and the Supreme Fiend Lord’s strength also increased in
turn. He was already at the peak of the Quasi Ancestral God Rank and was almost an Ancestral God.
He was the most potent cultivator among the Fiend Race.

Qusai was the Fiend Race’s prince. He was a talented person, and with the universe’s bountiful
blessings, he too perfected his Path and was already a Quasi Ancestral God. Although he was
considered a powerhouse in the Twelfth Universe, he still was not comparable to the other universes’

The Fiend Realm was one of the Twelfth Universe’s major realms. Therefore, many foreign
powerhouses visited the Fiend Realm.

The Fiend Realm’s Lord was also an incredibly enticing position. Whoever occupied the position would
acquire the Fiend Realm’s blessings.

Initially, the other universes’ powerhouses avoided causing trouble in the Twelfth Universe and were
only there to improve their strength. However, as more powerhouses arrived, their ambitions grew in
turn. Many of them had their eyes on the position of the Fiend Realm’s Lord.
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The Supreme Fiend Palace where the Supreme Fiend Lord lived was located in the Fiend Realm’s
Divine Dimension.

At that moment, a man stood at the Supreme Fiend Palace’s gate, obstructing the path. Several people
lay weakly at his feet, groaning in pain. Qusai was also among them.

Meanwhile, another middle-aged man stood defiantly against the man that was blocking the path.

“How are you supposed to lead the Fiend Realm as the Supreme Fiend Lord with your strength? Even
though I’m not from the Twelfth Universe, I’m also a fiend. Surrender your position as the Fiend Lord,
and I’ll let you be my right-hand man. Only I will stand above you and you’ll still have tens of thousands
at your fingertips.” The impeding man spoke very casually as if he were discussing a trivial matter.

He was a creature from another universe and wanted to replace the Supreme Fiend Lord. If he became
the Fiend Lord, he would be blessed with the entire Fiend Realm’s luck.

Luck played a huge part in improving one’s cultivation rank, especially at the Ancestral God Rank. It
was practically a requirement that one had great fortune with them.

The Supreme Fiend Lord was injured, his hair was a mess, and blood trickled from his lips. With a
fierce expression, he said coldly, “Get lost. This is the Twelfth Universe. You’re an outsider with no right
to intervene in our universe’s affairs. I’ll never surrender the position to you even if my entire race went

Although the Supreme Fiend Lord was severely injured, he did not back down. He would not hand over
the position even if he were to die.

The other party remained calm. He shook his head lightly and said, “Why are you being so stubborn? A
wise man would let fate take the wheel. The Twelfth Universe will be conquered by the other universes
sooner or later. Do you really think you can defend your position as the Fiend Lord? Even if I didn’t
come here today, someone else would eventually come for you.”

The man tried to persuade him. He wanted to avoid killing anyone in the Twelfth Universe.

The Twelfth Universe only had a One-Power Macrocosm Ancestral God. However, many other
universes’ Macrocosm Ancestral Gods were paying close attention to the events that ensued.
Therefore, he did not want to cause too much trouble. It would be very troublesome if the other
universes’ Macrocosm Ancestral Gods were to persecute him.

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