The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3755

Chapter 3755

Heath introduced himself.

James looked around him.

Many powerhouses around them lay injured, but none were in critical condition. It seemed that Heath
had his reasons for not killing them.

“At least you’re smart enough to avoid killing them. No one could’ve saved you today otherwise. Now,
get lost,” said James as he made a flourish with his hand. An invincible force rushed forth and struck

Heath was unable to deflect the attack. He was severely injured by the attack and blown away. Using
the inertia of the blow, he quickly retreated away.

“I don’t care who you are, Brat. You’re going to die for interfering.”

Although Heath had long vanished, his furious voice rang through the Supreme Fiend Palace.

James smiled and ignored the threat.

Qusai ignored his excruciating wounds and hobbled up from the ground. He clasped his fists together
and said, “Thank you for preserving the future of our race, Sir.”

After showing his gratitude, he looked at Henrik and asked, “Who is this kind man, Henrik?”

Henrik smiled cryptically. “Let me introduce you, Qusai. This is Forty-nine. You don’t have to treat him
so stiffly. Just call him Forty-nine. From now onward, he’ll protect you. Both the Fiend Realm and
Demon Realm will be safe with his protection.”

James wanted to hide his identity. Therefore, Henrik intuitively crafted a great excuse for him to use.

“H-How could I simply address him by his name?!” Qusai shook his head in refusal.

Henrik said solemnly, “You’ll call him whatever I tell you to call him.”

“Of course. Thank you, Forty-nine.” Qusai did not dare to refuse and respectfully thanked James.

James lightly patted Qusai on the shoulder. “It’s all good. You have my protection from now onward. If
anything happens, warn your foes that Forty-nine will come and avenge you.”

Henrik immediately laughed at him. “Are you joking? Aren’t I the only one who knows you? Who else
would have heard of you before?”

James smiled faintly and said, “My name will become renowned throughout the Twelfth Universe soon.”

Countless unruly powerhouses from the other universes were in the Twelfth Universe. These
degenerates would have to be purged from the universe.

They were allowed into the Twelfth Universe, but causing trouble was unacceptable.

Qusai thought to himself puzzledly, ‘Forty-nine? What a strange name…’

On the other hand, James glanced at the men laying weakly on the ground. He casually waved his
hand, and a miraculous power flowed out of his palm. The power poured out like a ray of sunshine and
rejuvenated the powerhouses.

“Thank you, Sir.”

The powerhouses immediately expressed their gratitude.

“Let’s get some drinks.”

Henrik wrapped his arms around James and Qusai’s shoulders and left the Supreme Fiend Palace.

The Supreme Fiend Lord stood at the palace’s gate, looked at the three leaving figures, and murmured
doubtfully, “Forty-nine? When did the Twelfth Universe have such a powerful man? Moreover, he’s on
good terms with the Demon Realm’s Lord.”

The Supreme Fiend Lord had no idea Forty-nine was actually James.
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James, Henrik, and Qusai went into a restaurant in one of the Fiend Realm’s cities.

Henrik and James drank freely, but Qusai drank hesitantly.

“Don’t hold back, Qusai. Forty-nine is a good person.” Henrik reprimanded him, “Quit acting so

Qusai picked up his wine glass and stammered, “C-Cheers, Forty-nine.”

James smiled faintly, picked up the wine glass, and toasted back to Qusai.

Then, Qusai downed the cup.

“By the way, why did you let the guy from the Sixth Universe leave the Fiend Realm alive? He was
trying to conquer the Fiend Realm. You should’ve killed him. It wouldn’t have been a big deal,” asked
Henrik curiously.

James held his wine glass and said slowly, “I’m trying to lure out whoever is ordering him from the
shadows. I plan to eliminate the guy behind him to give the foreign powerhouses a warning.”

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