The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3758

Chapter 3758

Heath immediately sensed danger when James produced the magnetic field. The magnetic field’s
pressure made him uncomfortable. As it grew stronger, injuries began forming on his physical body.

“Master, help me!”

At that moment, Heath felt the threat of death loom over him and was petrified. Unfortunately, Tauran
was also in a difficult predicament. As soon as James took action, Tauran realized the type of enemy
he was facing and instantly gave up the thought of occupying the Fiend Realm.

“Sir, let’s resolve this peacefully. I’m from the Sixth Universe, and my master is a Macrocosm Ancestral

“Die,” uttered James.

As soon as he spoke, Heath’s body vanished immediately and evaporated into the air. Heath was from
the Sixth, and he had accumulated a substantial amount of luck there. Now that he was dead, his luck
dispersed and was absorbed into the Twelfth Universe, further magnifying its fortune.

Tauren was furious after witnessing the death of his disciple. He yelled indignantly, “Do you really think
I’m afraid of you?”. He summoned all of his strength, trying to escape James’ confinement.

Despite being a Nine-Power Caleum Ancestral God, he was much weaker than James. Despite
struggling with all his might, he was not able to break free. His power was unable to spread away from
his prison. There was nothing he could do to lay waste to the Fiend Realm.

James looked at Tauren and spoke, “Remember this, you’re in the Twelfth Universe.”

After speaking, James exerted more strength.

Tauren’s body began to break down due to the assault of the devastating magnetic field. Ultimately, he
completely disappeared, and the luck he collected also became part of the Twelfth Universe.

“Wh-What happened?”

The Supreme Fiend Lord and Qusai were utterly dumbfounded by what they witnessed. The two
powerful invaders were disposed of so effortlessly. James barely even lifted a finger, yet the two were
so easily reduced to nothingness.

They began wondering if they truly lacked strength or if James simply had too much of it.

After some stunned silence, the Supreme Fiend Lord walked up to James and said gratefully, “Thank
you for saving us again, Sir.”

“It’s no big deal. Now, let’s wait for Tauren’s master to drop by. I wouldn’t mind killing a Macrocosm
Ancestral God if he dared to set foot into the Twelfth Universe.”

James spoke casually, but the Supreme Fiend Lord and Qusai turned pale at his words and thought to
themselves, ‘He wants to kill a Macrocosm Ancestral God? How high is his cultivation rank to have the
confidence to say such a thing?’

James casually scanned the surroundings and sensed the existence of some soul sigil fragments. He
raised his hand, and mysterious Path Power flowed out to resurrect the fiends that Tauren had killed.

The Supreme Fiend Lord and Qusai were shocked by James’ actions.

Who exactly was this Forty-nine person and how was it possible for him to resurrect the dead?

After reviving the unfortunate casualties, James said, “It’s time for me to leave. If the situation is this
dire in the Fiend Realm, I assume the Human Realm is far worse off. I’ll have to go check on it.”

Henrik patted Qusai on the shoulder and said, “We’re heading to the Human Realm. For now, you
should hone your skills and improve your cultivation rank as much as possible.”

“Got it.”

Qusai was pumped up and full of determination. His pride suffered a real blow today.

After the Elysian Seal was lifted, he thought he was strong. Only now did he realize he was still lacking.
Compared to Forty-nine, he was but a mote of dust.

James and Henrik quickly departed.

The Supreme Fiend Lord looked at Qusai and asked, “Who’s this Forty-nine?”Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

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