The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3759

Chapter 3759

Qusai was also baffled by the situation. He replied. “I don’t really know who he is, Father.”

The Supreme Fiend Lord considered Qusai’s words and said, “He’s hanging out with Henrik, and it
seems he sought you out specifically. I get the feeling that he simply helped us out on a whim.”
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Qusai was confused.

“He came to see me? …But I don’t even know him.”

“Huff,” the Supreme Fiend Lord sighed and said, “It doesn’t matter who he is. Right now, there are too
many outsiders entering our universe. The most important thing is to quickly improve our strength. We’ll
have to be stronger to protect the Fiend Realm.”

After arriving on an ancient road outside a city in the Human Realm’s Divine Dimension, Henrik said,
“Many people you know are still alive today. Brielle married you and you both have yet to consummate
your marriage. Don’t you want to meet her?

“There’s also Melinda. After she came out of the Reincarnation Pond, she retained her memories of her
previous life and is still in love with you. How about visiting her as well?

“Speaking of, you also have a female disciple, right? The one with the Elemental Holy Body. What’s her
name again…? Ah yes, it’s Monica. Then, you also have another woman called Maxine. Wow, look at

Henrik rambled on endlessly as he walked behind James.

“When you were still a mortal, I heard you even slept with a woman named Tiara. You slept with her
before you did with Thea, right?

“Since you’ve studied the Karma Path, you should know taking responsibility for your actions is

“I remember Thea had a classmate when she was still a regular human. Let me try to recall her name…
Ah, right! It’s Quincy. She, too seems to have feelings for you too.”

James immediately stopped walking. Henrik immediately clammed up the moment this happened.

“Could you shut up for a bit?”

Henrik chuckled and said, “I’m not trying to make fun of you. Since you’re a powerhouse now, you
should already understand how Karma works. If they weren’t destined to have anything to do with you,
you wouldn’t have crossed paths. Don’t you agree?”

James ignored Henrik’s words and continued on toward the city.

The city was situated in the Human Realm’s Divine Dimension. It was a booming city close to Mount

Mount Bane used to be in the Mortal Dimension, but after the Four Calamities had passed and the
Elysian Seal was lifted, Mount Bane reappeared in the Divine Dimension. Even in the Divine
Dimension, Mount Bane was the cornerstone of the Human Realm. Many influential families and sects
settled around the mountain range. Even the Callahans moved there.

The city was lively and full of people.

James did not stay in the city for long. He quickly made his way through the city and walked toward
Mount Bane, which was behind the city. As he neared Mount Bane, he sensed a fight nearby. He
immediately rushed toward the site where the commotion erupted. Henrik followed closely behind him.

“Oh, it’s Maxine.”

Henrik chuckled and said, “I remember you both have history with each other too. If I’m not mistaken,
when you were still a martial artist, Maxine kidnapped Winnie to force you to marry her.”

Henrik has survived since the Primeval Age. Even though he was in the Demon Realm, he was always
closely observing James. Since the moment of his birth, Henrik had been watching over and learning
everything about him.

James silently looked into the distance.

In an open space, a fierce battle broke out. A man and woman were fighting one another. One Epoch
had passed since the Four Calamities befell the Earth. Since then, Maxine has also grown stronger.
She was at the peak of the Grand Emperor’s Ninth Heaven and had cultivated nine Paths.

No, it was actually ten.

James sensed there was one more power hidden within Maxine’s body. It was a very bizarre kind of
power. Maxine did not rely on the hidden power and was being forced back by her opponent.

“You’re within the Human Race’s territory. Fighting is prohibited here.”

At that moment, a commanding voice filled the skies. Shortly after, countless armed soldiers appeared
in the sky along with a tan-skinned general.

He warned them. “I’m General Henry, an enforcer of the Heavenly Court. Break up this fight at once, or
you’ll be dealt with severely.”

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