The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3762

Chapter 3762

Maxine left the area.

James did not reveal himself and reunite with her. He felt it was not the right time yet.

Although the Twelfth Universe seemed peaceful, a storm was brewing beneath the surface. As a
powerhouse from the Twelfth Universe, James felt responsible for protecting its denizens.

“Let’s go.”

James walked toward Mount Bane.

Mount Bane was vast. After the Elysian Seal was lifted, many new areas surfaced. Even more spiritual
mountains emerged and were occupied by various sects and families.

However, many areas of Mount Bane remained public areas. Anyone was free to enter the public

James headed straight to the Cadens’ residence.

He did not enter but used his Divine Sense to survey their base from a spiritual mountain outside the
area. He quickly caught up on the Caden family’s current situation and identified the Cadens in the

Maxine also returned to the Cadens’ residence. She was their most esteemed member and was given
an independent yard. After returning to the Cadens’ residence, she headed straight to her own
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James sensed many familiar people within the Cadens’ residence. His daughter, Xainte, was among
those there. However, he could not sense Jacopo and figured he was most likely in the Heavenly

James stood outside of the Cadens’ residence.

After learning that his family was safe, he was satisfied just silently watching them from afar.

He noticed his mother, Xandra, was not with the Cadens either and he had no idea where she was right
now. He turned and left after loitering outside the Cadens’ residence for a while. Next, he headed
toward the Lafleurs, his grandfather’s family.

James walked through Mount Bane and looked for his relatives and friends.

Meanwhile, the living being that fought Maxine was brought back to the Heavenly Court, which was
located high up in the sky. A seal was placed on his body, preventing him from using his power. He was
made to kneel in the Heavenly Court’s main hall.

Many powerhouses from the Heavenly Court were present in the main hall. Several of them were also
acquainted with James.

Silvester, Helvius, Yuina, Jules, and some other powerhouses of the Boundless Realm’s Elixir Pavilion
had become pillars of the Heavenly Court. Among the powerhouses was James’ disciple, Monica.

Monica had an Elemental Holy Body. James also taught her the Supernatural Power, Elemental
Inversion. Since the Elysian Seal was lifted, she honed her Path and eventually became a powerhouse
with nine Paths.

She always had great potential and was a rare prodigy. She also had many breakthroughs in this era
and successfully became an Ancestral God. An Ancestral God with nine Paths was terrifying. She was
one of the most powerful cultivators of the Heavenly Court.

Sophie was also inside the Heavenly Court’s main hall. In the past, Sophie lived within Emperor
Jabari’s Celestial Abode and provided James with a lot of help as he cultivated. When James was still

weak, she played a massive part in helping him survive in the cruel world of cultivators. Without
Sophie, James would never have become the person he was today.

Xandros, the former Human Realm’s Lord, was also present. He was reincarnated but became a
powerhouse again after restarting his cultivating journey.

Jacopo wore a golden robe and sat in the highest seat of the council.

“Your Majesty.”

Henry stepped forward and reported, “This man was captured for using force in the Human Realm.
Please punish him as you see fit.”

Although Henry was injured, the wounds were mostly superficial.

Jacopo looked at the incapacitated man kneeling on the ground and asked coldly, “According to our
current law, what’s the punishment for an outsider who uses their powers within the Human Realm?”

A high-ranking official of the Heavenly Court immediately stepped forward and replied, “Your Majesty,
he should be beheaded.”

Hearing this, the man kneeling on the ground immediately panicked.

“I am from the Sixth Universe. My master is a Caelum Ancestral God. Let me go this instant! Or else,
my master will destroy the Heavenly Court.”

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