The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3764

Chapter 3764

After the Heavenly Court was established, they laid down some rules.

Fighting was prohibited within the Human Realm. Anyone with grievances that needed to be resolved
could use the arena to fight to the death. This was an unchanged rule ever since its establishment.

Henry was simply enforcing the law and captured the man from the Sixth Universe. However, as a
result, they offended a powerful Caelum Ancestral God.

Taldor appeared outside South Heaven Gate and unleashed dreadful Sword Energy, instantly killing
numerous Heavenly Court Army soldiers. The survivors looked on in horror and scrambled backward.

As they backed away, Taldor advanced. Shortly after, he passed the South Heaven Gate. The Human
Race’s powerhouses in the Cumulus Palace panicked.

Many began suggesting Jacopo to negotiate with him and settle things diplomatically. After all, the
power other universes had was unimaginable. Not only was the Heavenly Court unable to resist Taldor,
but the combined strength of the entire Twelfth Universe also would not be able to take him down.

A member of the Heavenly Court said, “Your Majesty, you need to make a decision immediately. The
enemy will be arriving at Cumulus Palace soon.”

Jacopo’s expression was grim.

At that moment, Taldor walked into Cumulus Palace’s main hall with his disciple following behind him.
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His disciple was covered in wounds and looked very ragged. As soon as he entered the main hall, he
pointed at Jacopo in the main hall and roared arrogantly, “So what if you’re the Lord of the Human
Race? You’re nothing but a piece of sh*t in my eyes. Get the f*ck down from there! Today, I will take
over as the Human Realm’s Lord.”

After he spoke, he boldly walked toward the highest seat.


Suddenly, a loud shout shook the hall. The voice boomed like rumbling thunder.

Walganus stepped forward, stood in Taldor’s path, and angrily declared. “This is the Heavenly Court’s
Cumulus Palace.”

“Master.” The man cast a glance at Taldor.

Taldor glared at Walganus and immediately discerned Walganus’ cultivation rank.

Walganus was a Terra Ancestral God. However, he cultivated only three Paths. Walganus had a lot of
potential and could easily cultivate nine Paths. However, he was focusing on improving his cultivation
rank and neglected his Paths. Given time, he would surely cultivate nine Paths.

“How dare a Three-Path Terra Ancestral God act so boldly in front of me?”

Taldor’s face darkened, and he immediately brandished his long sword.

Sword Energy rushed out, piercing through the air, and homing in on Walganus.

Walganus attempted to resist, but Taldor was much too powerful. Unable to block the attack, the Sword
Energy slammed into his body. The force blasted him away and pinned him to a wall in the distance.

“Damn it.” Walganus was furious. He struggled hard but could not break free from the attack.

The main hall went silent.

Walganus was one of the Four Heavenly Lords and one of the Heavenly Court’s strongest members.
Yet, he was defeated effortlessly. Who could take on the opponent if even a powerhouse like Walganus
was so easily defeated?

The name of Taldor’s disciple was Yohadric Hernandez.

Seeing Walganus beaten, Yohadric’s bravado grew. He confidently strode toward the highest seat. He
was determined to usurp Jacopo and assume the position of the Heavenly Court’s Lord.

As he approached the highest seat, no one dared to stop him because of Taldor’s support. If they were
to stand in Yohadric’s way, they would end up like Walganus. Soon, Yohadric arrived before Jacopo. He
looked at him, smirked, and said, “I already told you my master is a Caelum Ancestral God and that
you should let me go. However, you guys refused to listen to me. This all was the product of your own

After speaking, he walked closer, stretched out his hand, and tried to shove Jacopo off his seat.

However, Jacopo was a remarkable prodigy. He entered the Grand Emperor Rank in less than 100,000
years. Moreover, he obtained the last providence from the Forth Calamity and never revealed it to

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