The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3767

Chapter 3767

Melinda did not want to reminisce about the past.

“Huh?” Jacopo exclaimed in shock

Henry also inquired, “What do you mean he died in battle?”

Melinda no longer hid the truth from them and spoke about what took place in the Primeval Age in
detail. Everyone in the main hall was immediately overcome with grief.

Melinda sighed and said sadly, “It’s been a long time since it happened, and I still don’t want to believe
he is dead. When I emerged from the Reincarnation Pond, I wanted to prevent him from returning to
the Primeval Age. However, the Primeval Age’s chronology was already set in stone. If I were to stop
him from traveling to the past, the River of Time would collapse, and everything would cease to exist. I
can’t bear the consequences of doing such a thing.”

Melinda remembered James’ promise to marry her when he became an Ancestral God and kept it in
her heart this whole time. However, James went to the Thirteenth Universe and returned a cold corpse.

Winnie knew that James was still alive but had not shown up yet. Despite that, she silently stood aside
and held her tongue.


Henry looked at the glowing sky outside the hall with a sorrowful expression. Meanwhile, Jacopo was
crestfallen. His father had always been his motivation. After learning of James’ death, he seemed to
lose his spiritual support.

However, Sophie did not believe James was dead. She asked, “Are you sure he’s dead?”Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

Melinda nodded lightly and said, “I’m sure of it. He died before Radomir’s rebellion. Winnie, Henrik, and
I personally buried him.”

“Can you tell me what my father experienced in the Primeval Age?” asked Jacopo.

Melinda dug up her distant memories. After a while, she said slowly, “I first met him in the Katun Realm.
Back then, a Scared Blossom was in full bloom. I went there to see it.

“He knew my name the first time we met. He also knew Winnie was in Mount Heavenly Path. I was
baffled by this behavior and only realized after I was reincarnated. He already knew me but from the
Apocalypse Age.

“When he first traveled to the Primeval Age, he was really weak compared to the others in that era.

“He offended my brother because of Thea. My brother hunted him down for ten thousand years. He
kept improving his strength during those ten thousand years and became a well-known powerhouse.

“Eventually, a new universe formed.

“James was sent to the new universe on behalf of the Twelfth Universe. He fought fierce battles against
the other universes’ prodigies there.

“I heard from Henrik that James entered a Killing Formation and fought nine Terra Ancestral Gods from
the First Universe.

“His opponents were Terra Ancestral Gods that had cultivated nine Paths and wielded Chaotic
Treasures. In that battle, James killed a few of them and seriously injured the rest, crippling them.
However, he exhausted all his strength and died.”

Melinda parted her lips and spoke wistfully of the past. These historical events were not recorded.
Therefore, almost no one in the Twelfth Universe knew about this period of history. However, these
events were remembered by the other universes.

In their historical records, James was the most terrifying prodigy to have ever existed in the Twelfth
Universe. If given the time to grow, he would have surpassed even a Nine-Power Macrocosm Ancestral
God and entered an unprecedented rank.

Unfortunately, he died very young. Hearing Melinda’s stories, everyone related to James in the hall fell
silent. They never expected James to endure so many hardships in the Primeval Age.

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