The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3769

Chapter 3769

A man and woman walked side-by-side on the winding path around a manor on a spiritual mountain.

The man was the Omnipotent Lord. The woman was beautiful and had a slender figure. She wore a
white dress and radiated an indomitable aura.

“What do you think about the current situation, Mirabelle?” asked the Omnipotent Lord.

The woman stopped and asked, “Are you referring to the Dark World or the Twelfth Universe?”

The Omnipotent Lord replied, “Both. Tell me your thoughts.”

Mirabelle thought briefly and said, “Then, I’ll give you my opinion on the Dark World first. Every once in
a while, strife will break out in the Dark World and affect the Illuminated World. Usually, these
squabbles wouldn’t stir up too much chaos. However, the Dark Strife happened right after the Eighth
Universe formed.

“Most of the Dark World’s Lords died during the Dark Strife, and the rest were injured. The Dark World
suffered huge losses back then.”

The Omnipotent Lord sighed and said, “Yeah. That battle was horrific. I could feel its aftermath even
from the Illuminated World. It’s already been so long since, so the Dark World should’ve already
recovered by now.”

Mirabelle nodded lightly and said, “I heard that a lot of abnormal events are happening in the Dark
World recently. A Lord had risen there. He killed many other Lords and conquered a lot of territories.
He is terrifyingly strong, and there’s rumors he is an Eighth Stage Lord. It won’t be long before he
becomes a Ninth Stage Lord.”

“Is that so?”

The Omnipotent Lord was startled. It had been a while since he kept up with the Dark World’s affairs.
He was unaware that a new Eighth Stage Lord had risen in the Dark World.

Mirabelle said, “The Dark World has always been hostile toward the Illuminated World. As such, my
subordinates aren’t able to acquire more information. They could only glean the barest of details.
Apparently, the new Lord is a woman and is somehow related to the Twelfth Universe. However, we
couldn’t find out what connection she had with them.”

“The Twelfth Universe again?” frowned the Omnipotent Lord.

Mirabelle glanced at him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

The Omnipotent Lord said, “Yermolai went to the Twelfth Universe but was injured by a mysterious
Macrocosm Ancestral God named Forty-nine.”
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Surprised, Mirabelle said, “Yermolai has cultivated ten Paths and is a Ten-Power Macrocosm Ancestral
God. His strength should be on par with a Macrocosm Ancestral God with two Macrocosm Powers. Is
there a Two-Power Macrocosm Ancestral God in the Twelfth Universe?”

The Omnipotent Lord shook his head, unsure of the answer.

“The Dark World is in constant turmoil, and the Twelfth Universe has already developed into a
prosperous universe. I have the feeling a Nine-Power Macrocosm Ancestral God will be born in the
Twelfth Universe if they are allowed to continue to grow. Merging the Twelfth Universe with ours would
become incredibly tough. If a Nine-Power Macrocosm Ancestral God were to object to our idea, the
situation would grow more complicated.”

Mirabelle asked, “Then what are you planning?”

The Omnipotent Lord said, “I plan to reform the Twelfth Universe soon. First, I’ll destroy the Macrocosm
Ancestral Gods that opposed the universe’s unification in the past. If I can’t kill them, I’ll have to find a
way to force them to agree with it.

“An ultimate Heavenly Path can only be born after the twelve universes are merged together. Only then
can one surpass the Macrocosm Ancestral God Rank and enter a higher cultivation rank.”

The Omnipotent Lord had raised the proposal to merge the twelve universes several times but it was
always met with rejection.

Mirabelle frowned and said, “Many powerhouses among the twelve universes are against the idea. Will
it be possible for you to kill them all? That’s going to cause a huge commotion. If these universes band
together, we might be unable to repel them.”

The Omnipotent Lord said, “That’s why we need to be quick. We must strike and take control over their
universes before they can react.”

“I’ll leave the decision to you.” Mirabelle did not object to his suggestion.

“Since you’ve given me your approval, I’ll quickly summon the First Universe’s Macrocosm Ancestral
Gods and formulate a plan to unite all the twelve universes.”

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