The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3770

Chapter 3770

A Thirteenth Universe formed in the Chaos. However, it was forcibly absorbed into the First Universe.

Every universe had absolute laws. Theoretically, only nine Macrocosm Ancestral Gods could be born in
one universe.

As the oldest universe to exist, the First Universe had already reached the maximum capacity of
Macrocosm Ancestral Gods that could exist in their universe. However, they merged the Thirteenth
Universe with theirs, and more powerhouses broke into the Macrocosm Ancestral God Rank.”
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The Omnipotent Lord had repeatedly proposed for all twelve universes to be merged. However, his
proposal had been rejected over and over. This time, he was determined to merge the twelve universes
to form a Supreme Universe. Once he formed a Super Universe, the limits placed on their universes
would be broken.

A meeting was being held in the First Universe’s Ancestral Holy Site.

The Ancestral Holy Site was the First Universe’s core region and the Omnipotent Lord’s residence.

Inside a large hall within the Ancestral Holy Site, the Omnipotent Lord sat in the highest seat, and the
First Universe’s Macrocosm Ancestral Gods stood below him. The First Universe had 13 Macrocosm
Ancestral Gods, but Yermolai was absent from the meeting.

Two women were in the hall, one of which was Mirabelle, whom the Omnipotent Lord had recently
visited. The other woman was dainty and charming. She radiated a very ethereal aura and looked like a
blooming flower that attracted everyone’s attraction.

Her name was Quanesha Samara.

She was born in the Thirteenth Universe. During the Primeval Age, she obtained a Chaotic Treasure
and obtained a portion of the Thirteenth Universe’s blessings. After that, she became James’ disciple

and studied the Five Great Paths.

When the Thirteenth Universe was merged into the First Universe, she improved rapidly and became a
Macrocosm Ancestral God.

The Omnipotent Lord sat in the highest seat, looked at the twelve Macrocosm Ancestral Gods below
him, and said, “The reason I’ve summoned everyone today is to discuss the merging of the twelve

Hearing this, Quanesha’s brows furrowed. She knew the Omnipotent Lord’s plan to merge the twelve
universes. Throughout the First Universe’s history, he had raised the idea a few times and even
summoned the other universes’ Macrocosm Ancestral Gods to the First Universe to discuss the matter.
However, he never succeeded in persuading them.

The Omnipotent Lord said, “The Dark World has always been a massive threat to the Illuminated
World. Conflict happens very frequently in the Dark World, and they have also launched a number of
attacks on the twelve universes in the past.

“I just learned that a powerful Lord has risen in the Dark World. She is rumored to be very strong. At
this rate, she will become a Nine-Stage Lord very soon. She will pose a great threat to our universe. I
suggest merging the twelve universes to eliminate this possible threat by becoming a Supreme
Universe. We’ll be able to form a Super Heavenly Path and break through the restrictions from our
respective universes.”

The Omnipotent Lord looked at the Macrocosm Ancestral Gods in the hall and asked. “What do you
guys think?”

“I support whatever decision you make, My Lord.”

“You make the call, My Lord. If you need us for anything, just let us know.”

“We should’ve merged the universes a long time ago. However, the other universes’ Macrocosm
Ancestral Gods were against the idea. I suggest getting rid of whoever opposes this plan. Although it
will greatly affect the twelve universes’ strength, more powerhouses will appear after we create a
Supreme Universe. It wouldn’t be hard for more Macrocosm Ancestral Gods to rise.”

The First Universes’ Macrocosm Ancestral Gods began to express their opinions.

To ensure their plan was executed flawlessly, the Omnipotent Lord summoned his universe’s
Macrocosm Ancestral Gods to formulate a detailed plan.

After deliberating for a long time, the First Universe decided to send their powerhouses to the other
universes all at once to persuade their respective Macrocosm Ancestral Gods and Universe Lords.

They also prepared a backup plan. If they could not persuade them to agree to the union, they would
secretly kill those that opposed the idea.

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