The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3771

Chapter 3771

James was completely unaware the First Universe had already sprung into action.

The Omnipotent Lord had also made a plan to conquer the Twelfth Universe. However, the Twelfth
Universe was relatively weak. Therefore, he did not take them too seriously and sent the Sixth
Universe’s Macrocosm Ancestral God.

He planned to kill Radomir and replace the Twelfth Universe’s Lord with someone else.

Meanwhile, James had settled down in a remote spiritual mountain in the Human Realm’s Divine
Dimension while waiting for the Sixth Universe’s Macrocosm Ancestral God to appear.
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James used a fake name, Forty-nine, to kill a Caelum Ancestral God from the Sixth Universe. He knew
that the Sixth Universe would not let the matter go.

Moreover, he also severely injured Yermolai, who was from the First Universe.

Yermolai must have already returned to the First Universe and reported the incident to the Omnipotent

The Omnipotent Lord would not look past the matter and would definitely intervene. Even if he did not
personally take action, he would send a subordinate to the Twelfth Universe to investigate the situation.

James waited on the spiritual mountain for the other universe’s Macrocosm Ancestral God to appear.
He planned to kill whoever showed up in exchange for short-term peace in the Twelfth Universe. As
long as the Twelfth Universe had some time in peace, a group of powerhouses would surely rise.

By then, the Twelfth Universe’s overall strength would have improved, and they would not have to fear
the other universes.

Meanwhile, a middle-aged man silently appeared in the Chaos outside of the Twelfth Universe. He
wore a gray robe and had an average-looking appearance.

Many people were following behind him.

The middle-aged man was Santino Hiram, a Macrocosm Ancestral God from the Sixth Universe.

Santino was a Three-Power Macrocosm Ancestral God and was very powerful.

“Grand Patriarch, that’s the Twelfth Universe, where Tauren died.

“According to reliable sources, the person that killed him is called Forty-nine. However, his origins are a
mystery. It’s unknown whether he’s from the Twelfth Universe or if he’s another universe’s living being
that meddled in the Twelfth Universe’s affairs.”

A man behind Santino spoke and briefly explained the details of Tauren’s death in the Fiend Realm.

“Also, I’ve received information from our spies that a Caelum Ancestral God from our universe has
escaped from the Heavenly Court of the Twelfth Universe’s Human Realm. It seems there’s a peerless
powerhouse among them.”

Santino was unaware of the Twelfth Universe’s situation.

However, many of the Sixth Universe’s living beings had entered the Twelfth Universe. Thus, it was
easy for them to collect information inside the Twelfth Universe.

“The Twelfth Universe’s Lord is called Radomir. He lives in seclusion in a place called Mount Heavenly
Path. He carried out a series of plans and led the Twelfth Universe into a bright era. According to
reliable sources, he’s a Macrocosm Ancestral God with only one Macrocosm Power.”

Santino silently listened to the reports.

The powerhouse in the Human Realm’s Heavenly Court was not a big deal to him. Not even Radomir
posed a threat against him.

His main concern was Forty-nine.

“You guys stay here for now. I’ll enter the Twelfth Universe and talk to Radomir about merging the
twelve universes. If he refuses, I’ll kill him and overtake him.

“As for the living beings in the Twelfth Universe, I’ll announce the news to them after I’ve settled things
with Radomir. If anyone opposes the idea, you guys can enter the Twelfth Universe and kill them.”


A loud and organized reply resounded from behind him.

Santino stayed no longer and disappeared from the Chaos in a flash. The next moment, he was
already inside the Twelfth Universe.

He appeared in the Twelfth Universe’s starry space and sensed the universe’s stability. He could not
help but marvel and murmured, “I never expected the Twelfth Universe’s Heavenly Path to have
become so stable after being suppressed for so long. Their Heavenly Path is almost comparable to the
First Universe’s now.”

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