The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3772

Chapter 3772

Santino was surprised by the Twelfth Universe’s stability, which was comparable to that of the First

He suddenly realized why the First Universe was worried about them. With such a stable Heavenly
Path and their abundant luck, many great powerhouses would surely rise in the Twelfth Universe
sooner or later.

Santino quickly moved through the space.

Soon, he arrived outside the Human Realm.

Mount Heavenly Part was very well known in the Primeval Age. However, it was slowly forgotten over
time. Only a handful of people in the Twelfth Universe remembered it.

Radomir had isolated Mount Heavenly Path, preventing others from finding the place.

However, Santino was a Three-Power Macrocosm Ancestral God and could sense Mount Heavenly
Path’s location.

After appearing in the Human Realm’s Divine Dimension, he quickly made his way to Mount Heavenly
Path. Outside Mount Heavenly Path was a powerful formation, isolating its aura and making it seem
like an ordinary place.

Although there were humans around the area, they were not very strong.

Meanwhile, Radomir sat in a lotus position on a certain spiritual mountain within Mount Heavenly Path.
He suddenly opened his eyes and looked outside Mount Heavenly Path.

Santino walked toward Mount Heavenly Path, stood before the formation, and inspected it. Then, he
stretched out his hand and lightly tapped on it. A powerful force emerged from his fingertip and spread

out like water ripples.

His force submerged into the formation and began to disintegrate it.

He easily broke through Radomir’s formation.

After the formation was dissolved, he appeared where Radomir was cultivating in a flash.

Radomir stood up and stared at the unexpected visitor in Mount Heavenly Path.

For the person to break his formation effortlessly, he had to be someone of a higher cultivation rank.
Radomir knew there was no one stronger than him in the Twelfth Universe. That meant the intruder
was from another universe.

“Who are you?”

Radomir stared at Santino and asked warily, “What brings you to the Twelfth Universe’s Mount
Heavenly Path?”
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“Haha,” Santino chuckled lightly and said, “You don’t have to be nervous. I don’t have any malicious
intentions. Otherwise, I would’ve razed this place to the ground upon arriving. I wouldn’t be standing
here trying to communicate peacefully with you.”

Despite his reassuring words, Radomir did not feel relieved.

Santino said, “I’m from the Sixth Universe, and my name is Santino. I came to the Twelfth Universe
mainly to convey a message from the Omnipotent Lord.”

Radomir asked, “What message does he have for me?”

Santino replied smilingly, “It’s about the twelve universes. The Omnipotent Lord wants to merge the
twelve universes into a Supreme Universe.”

“He wants to merge the twelve universes?”

Radomir was startled.

Santino said, “That’s right. Our universes have a common enemy—the Dark World. We can only form a
more potent Heavenly Path by merging the twelve universes. By doing so, we can break the Heavenly
Path’s current restrictions and create powerhouses that can rise beyond the Macrocosm Ancestral God

Santino relayed the Omnipotent Lord’s message.

Radomir fell into thought. ‘He wants to merge the twelve universes?’

He had never thought of such a thing before, nor could he have expected the First Universe to make
such a proposal.

Santino noticed Radomir’s hesitation and attempted to persuade him. “Merging the twelve universes
will bring about many benefits. Not only will it be advantageous for you, but it’ll also benefit all the
Twelfth Universe’s living beings.

“The Omnipotent Lord has promised to leave you in control of the Twelfth Universe’s territories after the
fusion. He won’t interfere with the areas under your jurisdiction, giving you complete control.”

Radomir said calmly, “This is a very serious matter. I need some time to think about it.”

Santino said smilingly, “There’s no rush. I’ll give you some time to consider. By the way, is there a
person called Forty-nine in the Twelfth Universe?”

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