The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3775

Chapter 3775

“I’m Forty-nine.”
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Just as the Supreme Fiend Lord and other powerful fiends were being oppressed by the terrifying
pressure in the Fiend Realms’ Supreme Fiend Palace, a sudden voice resounded throughout the area.

Shortly after, a figure appeared out of thin air and stood before Santino at the palace gate.

Santino immediately fixed his eyes on James and tried to see through James.

However, Santino could not seem to detect anything from James. His body was empty, and it looked
like he did not exist.

Santino was puzzled and could not understand why he could not detect anything. He could not even
sense James’ exact cultivation rank.

His brows immediately furrowed.

However, he immediately remembered he was in the Twelfth Universe, the weakest of all the
universes. Even if James was powerful, he could not be stronger than him.

Moreover, his main purpose was simply to find out the identity of Forty-nine and how strong this person

Santino’s face darkened, and he asked coldly, “Were you the one that killed my disciple?”

James replied calmly, “That’s right. I killed him.”

Santino said furiously, “Didn’t you know he’s from the Sixth Universe? I’ll have you pay for killing him.”

James had intentions of fighting Santino from the start.

He said smilingly, “Sure. Let’s take this fight to the Chaos. If you can defeat me, I’ll accept whatever
punishment you have for me.”

James did not want to fight in the Twelfth Universe.

After all, Santino was a Macrocosm Ancestral God. Although James did not have a cultivation rank, he
was also powerful. If they were to engage in a fierce battle, they could destroy the Twelfth Universe.

Santino was aware peerless powerhouses generally fought in the Chaos.

Macrocosm Ancestral Gods were too strong, and no universe would be able to withstand their attacks.

“Sure.” Santino’s face was grim.

After accepting the challenge, he disappeared in a flash.

James also left the Supreme Fiend Palace.

After the two left, the Supreme Fiend Lord and the other fiends were relieved of the powerful pressure.

The Supreme Fiend Lord wiped the beads of sweat rolling down his forehead and said, “He’s so

The Chaos outside the Twelfth Universe was a dark gray void.

No Paths existed in the Chaos, but a mysterious force formed a terrifying pressure. It was also known
as Chaos Pressure.

At that moment, Santino no longer seemed like an ordinary person but a powerhouse with potent

“Who exactly are you? Since when have a powerhouse like you existed in the Twelfth Universe?”

Santino stared at James.

He was probing, trying to figure out James’ origin.

“Hehe.” James chuckled.

“You don’t have the right to know. Go ahead and strike. I’m curious how strong a Macrocosm Ancestral
God from the Sixth Universe is.”

“As you wish.”

Santino also wanted to test James’ strength.

He did not hold back and mobilized all his strength. His aura skyrocketed, and it began to affect the
surrounding space of the Chaos, causing it to look illusory and unstable.

At that moment, a magical power emerged from the Chaos and stabilized the space.

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