The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3776

Chapter 3776

The Chaos was a magical place, and no force could destroy it.

Similar to the universes, the Chaos also had a Heavenly Path that secretly protected it.

The Chaos’ Heavenly Path was definitely a terrifying existence.

The Chaos was vast and boundless. Even a Macrocosm Ancestral God would not be able to find the
boundaries of the Chaos. Although universes were huge, they had boundaries.

Santino emitted powerful energy. His face was grim and terrifying, making him seem like an unrivaled

He did not give James any chances. He appeared in front of James in a flash and raised his hand to
unleash a powerful power. Then, he thrust his hand at James.

James did not block it.

He floated in the Chaos and allowed Santino to attack him.


Santino slammed his palm into James.

His attack contained three Macrocosm Powers. Upon impact, a loud sound resounded like rumbling

James remained in place, and some cracks formed in the Chaos’ space behind him.

However, the cracks did not spread out.

Previously, when he entered the Omniscience Path’s Third Stage, his physical body was comparable to
that of an Ancestral God.

Now that he was at the Omniscience Path’s Fourth Stage, his physical body was even more potent.
Moreover, he had been in a tomb for over ten Epochs after he was severely injured, and the power in
his body had been nourishing his physical body.
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James knew his physical strength was potent but was unsure of its full capacity.

He wanted to test the limits of his physical strength.

James felt a terrifying force sweeping toward him when Santino attacked. The force permeated his
body from his chest, and it felt like he was being electrocuted.

In the beginning, James was motionless after the attack. However, his body began to tremble as the
force pervaded his body, and injuries began to form on the surface of his body.

These injuries spread all over his body, and he began to bleed.

His body was blasted away, and he spat a mouthful of blood. His blood dripped into the Chaos’ space.

James’ blood contained potent force and caused the space to shake.

He quickly backed into the distance, wiped the blood from his lips, and thought, ‘I sense three
Macrocosm Powers. This man is a Three-Power Macrocosm Ancestral God. Although I was injured by
his attack, I could still withstand it without exerting any of my strength.’

After one move, James had an understanding of his physical strength.

With his current physical strength, a Two-Power Macrocosm Ancestral God would not be able to hurt
him. Only a Three-Power Macrocosm Ancestral God could inflict damage on him.

James urged his power, and the injuries on his body healed. He looked at the grim Santino and said
smilingly, “Is that all a Three-Power Macrocosm Ancestral God has? If that’s all you’ve got, the Chaos
here will be your grave.”

After speaking, James slowly walked toward Santino.

“That’s insane. How does he have such a strong physical body? That’s impossible. It’s almost

Santino’s expression changed.

The highest one’s physical strength could reach was the Ancestral God Rank.

Even after practicing the Omniscience Path, one would still only be able to reach the Ancestral God
Rank. After that, it was impossible to improve one’s physical strength further, no matter what kind of
Supernatural Power or Secret Art one mastered.

That was a known fact.

Santino was not expecting Forty-nine’s physical strength to be so terrifying that he could even resist an
attack from him and not die.

James walked toward Santino step by step, and Santino slowly backed away.

At that moment, he had the idea of fleeing. However, he remembered his purpose of coming to the
Twelfth Universe and stopped in his tracks. A dazzling glow appeared before him and turned into a

The sword was two meters long and had a sharp blade. Its blade glowed and exuded terrifying power.
At a glance, James could tell it was a Chaotic Treasure.

Santino held the long sword, and his aura grew stronger. He charged at James with a ferocious

He appeared in front of James in a flash and slashed his sword.

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