The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3779

Chapter 3779

James smiled faintly and said, “My name is Forty-nine.”

Radomir frowned and asked, “Forty-nine? Are you from the Twelfth Universe?”

James did not answer him. Instead, he asked, “Has this person from the Sixth Universe come to see

Radomir nodded and said, “Yeah.”

Intrigued, James asked, “Oh? What did he say to you?”

Radomir replied truthfully, “He conveyed a message from the First Universe’s Lord. The Omnipotent
Lord wants to merge the twelve universes into a Supreme Universe.”

Hearing this, James looked solemn.

James already knew the First Universe wanted to merge the other universes into one.

However, he felt it would be hard for them to accomplish their plan as the other universes would never
allow it. He never expected the First Universe to have already started implementing their plan.

They had already sent a Macrocosm Ancestral God from the Sixth Universe to the Twelfth Universe to
relay the message. That meant the other Universe Lords were also informed about this matter.

‘What should I do about this?’ James fell into thought.

He already had an understanding of his own strength.

James was powerful, and ordinary Macrocosm Ancestral Gods were no match for him. However, his
opponent would be the First Universe. The First Universe was the oldest universe in existence, and it
had countless powerhouses.

If he were to stand against them, he would not be able to fight all of the Macrocosm Ancestral Gods of
the First Universe.

“What should we do now, Sir?” asked Radomir.

Even though he was the Twelfth Universe’s Lord, James was a powerful cultivator. Thus, he wanted to
seek James’ opinion on the matter.

James snapped out of his thoughts, looked at Radomir, and asked, “What do you plan to do?”

After a brief thought, Radomir said, “The living being you killed told me that merging the twelve
universes would form a complete and even more powerful Heavenly Path. As a result, the current
restrictions of our Heavenly Paths would be broken, and our powerhouses might be able to reach an
unprecedented cultivation rank, which would give us the strength to fight against the Dark World.

“He also said we could create an entirely new universe, opening up even more opportunities and
boons, which would benefit the Twelfth Universe.

“However, I think the current situation of the Twelfth Universe is pretty good. We’re currently in a
prosperous era. Even if we were to merge, I want to buy more time for our powerhouses to rise before
doing so. If we can increase our overall strength, we can negotiate more benefits from the fusion.

“Since I can’t stop it from happening, I’ve no choice but to agree. However, I’ll strive to obtain more
benefits for us.”

Radomir expressed his thoughts.

After hearing his opinion, James fell into thought.

He had already reached the limit of his cultivation rank and would need to explore his future paths

If the twelve universes were to merge, new opportunities and boons might appear, allowing him to walk
an unprecedented path. Perhaps, he could even comprehend Chaos Power and even step into a
higher stage in the Omniscience Path.

After briefly thinking about it, James felt there was no harm in merging their universes.

James nodded lightly and said, “Mhm. You don’t have to worry about it for now. We’ll think about it after
the First Universe sends another person to the Twelfth Universe to discuss this matter.

“After this fight, the other universes’ powerhouses who’ve come to the Twelfth Universe would not dare
to cause trouble. The Twelfth Universe will be peaceful for a while.”

James left a few words behind before disappearing and returning to the Twelfth Universe.

Radomir watched as James disappeared and murmured puzzledly, “He sure is terrifying. He easily
killed a Three-Power Macrocosm Ancestral God with a Chaotic Treasure. Who exactly is he? What’s
his cultivation rank? When did someone like him appear in the Twelfth Universe?”

Radomir racked his brains but could not figure out who Forty-nine was.Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

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