The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3780

Chapter 3780

James killed a Three-Power Macrocosm Ancestral God from the Sixth Universe.

After the battle with Santino, James gained a general understanding of his own strength.

He was satisfied with his current strength. In the Twelfth Universe, very few people could defeat him.

As for the merging of the twelve universes, James felt it was not really a bad thing if it did not have any
bad effect on the Twelfth Universe’s living beings.

James returned to the Twelfth Universe, headed to an unnamed spiritual mountain in the Human
Realm’s Divine Dimension, and began cultivating.

This time, he mainly focused on his future path.

Meanwhile, a few commotions erupted in the different universes.

The First Universe had sent many envoys to persuade the other universes’ Macrocosm Ancestral Gods
of the various benefits of merging their universes.

More than half of the Macrocosm Ancestral Gods agreed to the proposal. However, there were a few
opposing voices. The universes that disapproved were thrown into turmoil. A few Caelum Ancestral
Gods died out of the blue, and a few Macrocosm Ancestral Gods were injured.

All these universes knew it was the First Universe’s doing, but they had no proof.

They had no choice but to agree to the proposal after seeing the chaos their universes were thrown

In the First Universe, the Omnipotent Lord sat in the main hall of a palace in the Ancestral Holy Site. A
man who looked about thirty years old stood below him. The man wore a golden robe and radiated a

very extraordinary aura.

The man was the Sixth Universe’s Lord, Lishai Baishan.

“Omnipotent Lord.”
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Lishai personally came to the First Universe to see the Omnipotent Lord. With a solemn expression, he
said, “I sent Santino to the Twelfth Universe, but he was killed.”

The Omnipotent Lord’s face darkened, and he asked, “Killed? What happened?”

Lishai replied, “After receiving your order, I tasked Santino to the Twelfth Universe to overtake their
Universe Lord. The Twelfth Universe’s Lord was not the biggest threat. Instead, it was Forty-nine. He’s
incredibly powerful and a huge problem. According to Santino’s subordinates, their battle only lasted a
short while. Santino even wielded his Chaotic Treasure but did not stand a chance against Forty-nine.”

The Omnipotent Lord’s expression darkened.

He knew of Santino’s strength. Santino was a Three-Power Macrocosm Ancestral God and had a
Chaotic Treasure. His strength was equivalent to a Four-Power Macrocosm Ancestral God.

However, he was killed so easily. It was unimaginable how strong Forty-nine was.

“What should we do now, Omnipotent Lord?” asked Lishai.

The Omnipotent Lord thought for a while and said, “You head back first. I’ll handle this matter.”

“Alright.” Lishai turned around and left.

The Omnipotent Lord also left the hall and went to see Mirabelle.

Mirabelle was also a Macrocosm Ancestral God and a core figure of the First Universe. Even though
she was not the Universe Lord, her strength was not inferior to the Omnipotent Lord’s.

Mirabelle and the Omnipotent Lord met up in a gazebo. Their surrounding environment was rather

Mirabelle wore a white and sheer dress, which vaguely exposed her perfect body. She looked very
alluring. She smiled beautifully and said, “Things are going pretty smoothly. As for those that didn’t
agree, they quickly changed their mind after we caused a bit of turmoil in their universe.”

The Omnipotent Lord was aware of their plan’s progress.

“I didn’t come to discuss the merging progress with you. It’s about something else.”

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