The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3781

Chapter 3781

Mirabelle looked at the Omnipotent Lord and asked, “Oh? What’s the matter?”

The Omnipotent Lord sat down and said, “I just received news that Santino from the Sixth Universe
headed to the Twelfth Universe but was killed in the Chaos outside of the Twelfth Universe. According
to reliable sources, the person that killed Santino is called Forty-nine and is most likely from the Twelfth

Mirabelle exclaimed, “He was killed?”

It was hard for her to believe Santino, a Three-Power Macrocosm Ancestral God, was killed by
someone from the Twelfth Universe.

The Omnipotent Lord replied solemnly, “Yeah. The Twelfth Universe has always been the weakest, so
we never paid them much attention. I didn’t expect a powerhouse to be born in the Twelfth Universe.
According to those who witnessed the battle, Forty-nine killed Santino without using a Chaotic
Treasure. Thus, it can be assumed his strength is at least equivalent to a Five-Power Macrocosm
Ancestral God.”

The Omnipotent Lord had roughly evaluated James’ strength.

He estimated James’ strength to be similar to that of a Five-Power Macrocosm Ancestral God.

Mirabelle looked at the Omnipotent Lord and asked, “What should we do now?”

The Omnipotent Lord replied, “We must be cautious with such a powerhouse. How about you head to
the Twelfth Universe and discuss the merging of the twelve universes with him? If he refuses, kill him.
However, if he agrees, invite him to the First Universe to discuss the matter.”

Mirabelle nodded and said, “Alright.”

The Omnipotent Lord said, “Only two or three universes haven’t agreed to merge with us. I’ll take care
of it. Meanwhile, you help me take care of the Twelfth Universe. I’ll wait for your good news. We can’t
delay this matter, so you should depart immediately.”


Mirabelle stood up and left without any hesitation.

James was unaware that other universes were in turmoil.

The Ninth Universe and Tenth Universe were against merging universes.

Kallinikos and Yekaterina knew that the Omnipotent Lord would become the ruler of the newly merged
universe and be in total control.

When that happened, it would be impossible for them to prevent the Omnipotent Lord from doing
whatever he wanted.

Thus, they rejected the proposal to merge.

However, turmoil began to break out in their universe after they turned down the proposal. Their
Macrocosm Ancestral Gods were attacked. Although they survived, many of them sustained severe
injuries. Meanwhile, a few of their Ancestral Gods were killed.

Kallinikos and Yekaterina had a tough time dealing with these matters.

The two immediately headed to meet the other Universe Lords to discuss countermeasures.

Unfortunately, the other universes had already agreed to merge with the First Universe.

After careful consideration, the two also agreed to it.

Otherwise, the other universes would merge and become increasingly stronger. It would be disastrous
for the Ninth and Tenth Universe if they were to take action against them.

All major universes agreed to merge and would visit the First Universe to discuss the plan.

Only the Twelfth Universe remained undecided.

Mirabelle, a peerless powerhouse of the First Universe, appeared in the Twelfth Universe.

She floated in the starry sky of the Twelfth Universe and scanned the place. After sensing the stability
of the Twelfth Universe’s Heavenly Path, she was slightly surprised and murmured, “The Twelfth
Universe’s Lord’s strength is mediocre, but he had a great strategy. After suppressing the Heavenly
Path for a long time, he created a prosperous era for the Twelfth Universe.”

Mirabelle murmured, “Where are you, Forty-nine?”
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Since she could not detect his whereabouts, she planned to release her energy for him to find her.

Mirabelle stood in the starry space and exuded the energy of a Macrocosm Ancestral God, allowing it
to spread throughout the universe.

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