The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3840

Chapter 3840

Strength was king. It was an unchangeable truth.

Even though Kallinikos used to guide James, James’ ability surpassed him. So, he could not afford
James’s respect.

James smiled and did not say anything.

The few lords of the universes entered, and James invited them to sit.

The lords’ gazes fixated on Sienna. To James, they were more concerned about Sienna. What was
going on?

“James, aren’t you going to introduce this beautiful lady to us?” Kallinikos asked with a smile.

“Uh…” James hesitated as he did not know how to introduce Sienna.

On the other hand, Sienna was friendly as she said, “I’m Sienna Callahan. I’m James’ wife.”

Sienna was a person who dared to love and hate.

During the Primeval Age, she made it clear that she loved James. However, she did not get James’
acknowledgment. Now that she had received James’ approval, she addressed herself as James’ wife.

James smiled while nodding. Since he had already approved of Sienna, she was his wife.

Where was Thea? He felt sorry for her.

Several lords of the universes gathered together and began chatting.

Kallinikos asked about James’ matter.

“James, what happened? When I was in the Thirteenth Universe, I did not sense your soul sigil at all.
How did you revive?”

James explained, “A long time ago, to cultivate the Dark Path, I tore my soul into pieces and forcefully
merged them into my body. In that battle, my body suffered severe damage, and I did not have any
breaths. Thus, my soul aura and soul sigil couldn’t be sensed.”

“At that time, there was no life in my body, so you couldn’t sense my soul. As I was buried underground
for more than ten Epochs, my body slowly recovered, and my soul gradually woke up.”

Hearing that, Yekaterina could not help but ask, “What Path are you cultivating? Why can’t we sense
your cultivation rank?”

The Lord of the Eleventh Universe, Tomislav, also asked, “Which cultivation rank are you in?”

Facing these questions, James did not hide from them. Frankly, he answered, “The Path I’m cultivating
is a Path that never appeared before. This Path was triangulated by someone of the older generation.
The Path is known as Chaos. As for my cultivation rank, after I cultivated the Chaos Path, I no longer
have a cultivation rank. The previous cultivation ranks can’t measure my ability.”
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“As for my current ability, I’m not sure of it either. I think I’m on par with a Ninth Stage Macrocosm
Ancestral God.”

James had a judgment on his ability.

If he could defeat the Omnipotent Lord on the Chessboard of Heaven and Earth, that meant there was
a gap between him and the Omnipotent Lord. Though, it should be a small gap.

“Chaos Path?”

The few lords of the universes were taken aback. What Path was that? Why had they never heard of it

Kallinikos asked, “Who was the person of the older generation that triangulated it?”

“She calls herself Yukia,” responded James. He looked at the few lords of the universes and asked, “As
for what kind of existence Yukia is, I don’t know much about it as I’ve never seen her before.
Nonetheless, I’m sure that Yukia isn’t a living being from the Twelfth Universe. She was born before the
Eighth Universe appeared. You guys are more knowledgeable. Have you heard of Yukia before?”


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