The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3842

Chapter 3842

After a brief discussion, James dismissed the other Universe Lords.

Quanesha had been waiting outside the manor for James since he entered the meeting with the other
Uinverse Lords. After James sent them away, he turned to Quanesha, who was waiting outside the

She called out to him excitedly, “Master.”

James was her master and had taught her a lot in the past. Without James, she would have died at the
beginning of the Thirteenth Universe’s formation.

“Let’s head inside before we talk,” said James as he invited Quanesha into the manor.

Quenasha entered the manor’s hall, looked at him affectionately, and said, “Do you understand how
much I missed you, Master? I’ve always wanted to avenge you all these years. However, I’m too weak
and could only store my hatred in my heart.”

James smiled. “I’m well and alive. I didn’t expect you to reach such a high cultivation rank. You’re
already a Macrocosm Ancestral God.”

Standing to the side, Sienna could tell that Quenasha had feelings for James. Taking note of the
atmosphere, she stood up, and said, “You guys talk. I’ll go outside for a walk.”

Just when James was about to say something in protest, she had already left the hall. As soon as
Sienna left, Quanesha no longer held back her emotions. She stood up and attempted to throw herself
into James’ arms.

“Master…” Her voice caught in her throat as she started to cry.

James waved his hands and unleashed a force to prevent her from getting closer. Dealing with Sienna
was already a big enough problem, so he wanted to avoid involving himself too much with Quanesha.

James reminded her. “I’m your master, Quanesha.”

Quanesha stood back, and her eyes began to glisten. Gradually, crystalline tears rolled down her face.
She quickly raised her hand and wiped them off her face. She said apologetically, “I’m sorry, Master. I
couldn’t suppress my emotions.”

James slightly waved his hand and said, “It’s not a big deal. You should leave first. I’ll go to see the
Omnipotent Lord to discuss the merging of the twelve universes.”

Quanesha nodded, turned, and left sadly. After she left, James gently rubbed his temples.


A chuckle resounded in the hall. James raised his head and looked at Sienna who had appeared
before him. She smiled playfully and said, “Your disciple seems also to be interested in you.”

James groaned helplessly. “Alright, that’s enough. Stop making fun of me. I’m troubled enough about
how to explain the situation regarding you to Thea in the future. If I got involved with another woman,
things would be even more complicated.”

“You’re worried about explaining it to Thea?” Sienna stopped teasing him, and said matter-of-factly, “It’s
not even that unusual, nor is it that big of a deal. The age you came from is such a pain.”

Sienna knew about the Apocalypse and felt that their expectations were flawed. To her, monogamy was
simply nonsensical.

“I’ll go consult the Omnipotent Lord.”

James did not want to dwell on these troublesome issues. No matter how complicated the Paths were,
he could always comprehend it. Yet, he was always troubled by relationships.

“I’ll come with you.” Sienna took James’ hand and led him outside the hall.

Meanwhile, the Omnipotent Lord was livid as he sat in Mount Ancestre’s main hall. Standing below him
were the powerhouses from the Ancestral Holy Site along with some of the First Universe’s Macrocosm
Ancestral Gods.
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“This is infuriating!” The Omnipotent Lord cursed and said, “I’ve spent so much effort to get kickstart my
plans, yet James has to meddle in them once again! I should’ve taken his corpse to the First Universe
back then!”

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