The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3843

Chapter 3843

The Omnipotent Lord was furious.

James was supposed to be dead, yet he was resurrected. A man who had died long ago was alive
once more and causing him a lot of problems.

“Who are you talking about?” A voice came from inside the hall. The Omnipotent Lord immediately
swallowed his anger, stood up, and smiled brightly. “What brings you here, James?”

After speaking, the Omnipotent Lord waved his hand to dismiss the other powerhouses gathered in the
hall. The Ancestral Holy Site’s powerhouses and the First Universe’s Macrocosm Ancestral Gods read
his intent and quickly left.

James walked into the main hall and sat down. Sienna also found herself a seat beside him.

The Omnipotent Lord did not dare to be discourteous to James and Sienna. He did not even dare to
continue sitting in the highest seat of the hall and immediately walked down the platform to sit beside

James jumped straight to the point, saying, “I came to see you to discuss the merging of the twelve

The Omnipotent Lord responded gravely. “I think this matter requires more planning. Many issues will
arise after the twelve universes are fused together. We should settle these issues first. The harm of
merging the universes outweighs the benefits. For the sake of all our inhabitants, I don’t recommend
this course of action anymore.

“What do you think, James?” The Omnipotent Lord looked at James expectantly.

“I also think it’s better for our universes to stay separate,” James replied with a light smile. He wanted
to buy more time for the Twelfth Universe.

The Twelfth Universe could grow much stronger in three to five Epochs. It would be better to propose
the union then. With his and Sienna’s strength combined, it would not be difficult to bring together the
twelve universes. Perhaps, he might even completely understand the Chaos Path by that time.

The Omnipotent Lord replied expressionlessly. “Indeed. I support your decision. Previously, I acted a bit
too rashly. Now that I’ve reconsidered it, the consequences of merging can’t be glossed over. I’ll
immediately announce that the union of the twelve universes will be canceled.”

The Omnipotent Lord had changed his opinion on merging of the twelve universes. He would not agree
with it unless he was confident he could rule over it all.

“Then, I’ll leave that announcement to you. I’ll head back to the Twelfth Universe first.” James stood up,
and Sienna followed suit. The two left the hall as the Omnipotent Lord looked on.

As soon as they left, the Omnipotent Lord’s smile disappeared and was replaced with a furious scowl.
He clenched his fists and said coldly, “Hmph. Just you wait.”

After leaving Mount Ancestre’s main hall, Sienna asked, “Are you really heading back to the Twelfth

James nodded and said, “Yeah. The main purpose of coming here is to delay the merging of the twelve
universes. I wanted to buy enough time for the Twelfth Universe to develop properly. Now that I’ve
achieved what I came for, the merging of the universes can wait until the Twelfth Universe has grown

“Alright. I, too, would like to head home,” said Sienna as she fell into a wistful daze.

“I’ve been in the Dark World for so many Epochs, and haven’t returned home during this period.”

“By the way,” James remembered something and asked, “Have you heard of a person named Emperor
Jabari in the Dark World?”

Sienna shook her head and said, “No, unfortunately. The Dark World is quite expansive, and is as big
as the twelve universes combined. There are too many evil spirits there, and not many are capable of
cultivating physical bodies that can survive conditions in the Dark World. Unless it’s a peerless
powerhouse, it’ll be hard for me to have heard of some insignificant evil spirit.”
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James sighed and said, “Emperor Jabari is a very important person to me. During the Human Race’s
Four Calamities, he sacrificed himself to heavily wound a Heaven’s Adjudicator. Later, he went to the
Dark World and I’ve not heard anything about him ever since.”

“You can come with me to the Dark World, and I’ll help you inquire about him. As long as he’s still alive,
we’ll definitely be able to learn something about him.”

“Alright. Let’s return to the Twelfth Universe first. After I have settled everything there, we’ll leave for the
Dark World to look for Emperor Jabari and clues about Yukia.”

The two quickly left, and left the First Universe. Then, they entered the Chaos and traveled back to the
Twelfth Universe.

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