The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3844

Chapter 3844

A man and woman appeared in the Chaos.

They were still some distance from the Twelfth Universe. In just the blink of an eye, they arrived directly
outside of it. A glowing region appeared in their vision and gradually enlarged before them. Gradually, it
became a starry space. James and Sienna passed through the cosmic barrier and entered the Twelfth

“I’m finally back,” James heaved a sigh of relief and said, “I thought I’d have to fight an intense battle
when we were discussing postponing the plans to unite all the universes in the First Universe. I wasn’t
expecting to return home so easily.”

Sienna said proudly, “What were you expecting with me by your side? My current strength is on par
with the Omnipotent Lord. Although I’m an Eighth Stage Lord, I cultivate in the Dark Path. Dark Power
is the nemesis of the Illuminated World’s cultivators.”

James could not help but cast a glance at Sienna. She had become terrifyingly competent. As she had
been cultivating since the Primeval Age, she had become an Eighth Stage Lord.

“By the way!” Sienna appeared to remember something and exclaimed suddenly. “You lied to me,

Startled, James blurted out. “Huh? When have I ever done that?”

Sienna said, “Previously, you promised to marry me after the twelve universes were merged. Now that
the merging of the universes has been canceled, there’s no telling when it will happen. Does that mean
you’ll never marry me?”

James explained earnestly. “You’ve misunderstood my intentions, Sienna. I honestly didn’t intend for
this outcome. I simply thought merging now wouldn’t be beneficial for the Twelfth Universe’s residents,

and it would be better to do so in the future. As for our marriage, how about we ask for Thea’s opinion
when we find her?”

James suggested tentatively. He was worried Sienna would be enraged. It was possible for her to
return to the Dark World in a fit of anger and launch an attack on the Twelfth Universe using the Dark
Army. How would he defend against her attacks if that were to happen?

James was unsure of his feelings toward Sienna. He could not tell whether he truly had feelings for her,
and if he really loved her. Having reached his cultivation rank, he could predict the future using several

Previously, he sensed a strong Karma Connection between him and Sienna. If he were to reject
Sienna, this would have affected his future. Sienna might perhaps return to the Dark World and oppose
the Illuminated World out of spite.

However, James could not reveal these thoughts to her.

“Look at me,” Sienne said seriously.
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James turned to face her. He could clearly see Sienna’s trembling eyelashes. Her eyes were bright and
clear, but he could sense something unsettling beneath it all; a slight murkiness. She might have
stayed in the Dark World for too long, causing Dark Power to have a slight influence on her soul.

“Do you like me or do you love me? Are you just leading me on? After we find Thea, and she gives us
her blessing, will you really marry me?” Sienna bombarded him with questions.

“I will,” James looked at her and said earnestly, “After we find Thea, I promise to marry you. I give you
my word. As for my feelings for you…”

James hesitated briefly, but said truthfully, “I don’t think I truly love you, but I definitely feel guilt and
gratitude towards you.”

“You’ve done a lot for me. For my sake, you showed up with the Dark Army in the First Universe to
resist the twelve universes. I didn’t want you to be injured for my sake, and revealed my identity.”
James answered her very sincerely.

Sienna was disappointed by his answer. However, she quickly shook off her disappointment. James’
words affirmed that she did not fall for the wrong person. Sienna pouted and said angrily, “I knew it. You
never loved me, and haven’t truly accepted me. You were simply indebted toward me.”

She pounded her hands on James’ chest in frustration. James allowed her to hit him.

After Sienna vented her anger, she took a deep breath. Then, she looked at James with a smile and
said, “Alright, thank you for telling me the truth. I still believe you’ll fall for me before we find Thea. I’m
not inferior to her. You didn’t like Thea in the beginning either and simply married into the Callahans to
repay her kindness because she saved your life. You only fell in love with her later on.”

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