The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3845

Chapter 3845

Sienna was familiar with James’ personality. She was confident that James would gradually fall in love
with her after they shared physical relations with each other. Her eyes twinkled as she thought about
how to get James to sleep with her.

“What are you thinking about?” Seeing Sienna’s enraptured expression, James felt a chill run down his
spine and knew that she was scheming something.

“It’s nothing.”

Sienna snapped out of her thoughts, pulled on James’ hand, and said, “Let’s head to the Human Realm
to see your and Thea’s children.”

The two quickly departed. In the next moment, had already arrived at the Human Realm. High up in the
Divine Dimension’s sky, there was a magnificent palace built in the Heavenly Court. The palace was
the residence of the Heavenly Court’s Lord, and it was called the Cumulus Palace.

Jacopo was seated in a lotus position in the Cumulus Palace’s backyard garden and a mysterious aura
emanated from his body. A beautiful woman stood close by. She was lovely and seemed almost


Suddenly, a man and woman appeared. As soon as they showed up, Jacopo sensed their presence.
He immediately stopped cultivating, stood up, and turned around. He was stunned when he saw the
man in the garden.

After a few seconds, he parted his lips and called out tentatively, “Dad?”

He was uncertain if it really was the person he was thinking of. Melinda told them that James had died
in a battle during the Primeval Age.

Yet here his father was, alive and well. He was quite perplexed.

“Jacopo,” James walked over with a smile, patted the confused man’s shoulders, and smiled
approvingly. “Not bad. You’ve already gotten so strong.”

Jacopo exclaimed in surprise. “Is it really you, Dad?”

“You’re already an adult, yet I see you’re as insolent as ever,” chided James.

“Huff!” Jacopo took a deep breath.

“Melinda told us you died in a battle during the Primeval Age. I thought you…”

“It’s a very long story. We’ll discuss this further later on.” James did not want to talk about these matters

“Who is this?” Jacopo looked at Sienna.

Sienne responded with a smile. “I’m your stepmother.”

“H-Huh?” Jacopo’s jaw dropped open in shock.

Sienna smiled and said, “I’m also your mother’s sister.”

Jacopo was taken aback.

James said, “As I said, there’s a long reason for this. All will be explained later.”

At that moment, the beautiful woman standing nearby walked over. She stood beside Jacopo and
looked puzzledly at the two strangers in the garden. “Who are these two, Jacopo?”

James also looked at the beautiful lady and also asked, “Who might this be, Jacopo?”Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

“Dad, this is my wife, Carla Yancey.”

“Carla, this is my dad.”

Jacopo introduced them to each other.

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