The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3847

Chapter 3847

Immediately afterward, a tan-looking man in black armor rushed into the hall. He immediately burst into
tears upon seeing James.

“You’re finally back, James! I thought you died in the Primeval Age! I’ve missed you so much!

Henry hurried over after receiving the news.

He was overjoyed. Seeing that James was hale and healthy, his excitement made it hard for him to
speak coherently.


James stood up, lightly punched Henry’s chest, and said, “Long time no see.”

Henry looked at James with reddened eyes. “James.”

Patting him on the back, James cajoled Henry. “That’s enough. Do you really need to make a big fuss
out of this? I’m completely fine.”

Henry swallowed his emotions and took a deep breath. “I’m so glad you’re back. It felt like something
was missing in my life without you around.”

“Sit down. It’ll be easier to talk.” James pointed to a chair beside him.

After Henry sat down, many more familiar faces appeared outside the hall. Seeing these people,
James was slightly taken aback and looked at Jacopo for an explanation.

Jacopo smiled and said, “I informed them about your return.”

Nico walked into the hall and grinned. “Haha! You’re back, James! I knew you were alright!”

“James, you…” Melinda was shocked after entering the hall.

“You’re finally back, James! I knew you wouldn’t have died so easily.” Thomas laughed.

Many people came into the hall.

Soon, the vast hall was filled with James’ relatives and friends.

Delainey hurried over and called out to him with a sweet voice, “James.”

“James!” Quincy looked at James with tearful eyes. Unable to suppress her emotions, tears poured out
of her eyes and washed down her cheeks.

Maxine was also among the crowd but quietly looked at him with conflicted emotions. She wanted to
greet him but was unsure what to say. A few of James’ friends from the past were also present,
including Tiara and Cynthia. His grandfather, Langston, and his uncle, Tyrus, also came to see him.

The Omniscient Deity, the former number-one powerhouse on Earth before Spiritual Energy was
restored, was also among the crowd. After such a long time, the Omniscient Deity had also grown into
a capable powerhouse and was one of the Heavenly Court’s strongest members.

Some people whom James became acquainted with as martial artists had also arrived.

Tens of thousands of people had gathered inside the hall, celebrating and talking happily amongst

Many familiar people surrounded James and surrounded him with their warmth. He felt delighted with
their company. His only regret was that Thea was not here. Everything would be perfect if she were

Everyone surrounded James, questioning him about everything he experienced after leaving for the
Primeval Age. James did not hide anything from them and gave an honest recollection of what
happened. He told his stories in a calm voice, but its contents left his audience mortified. They never
expected him to have endured so many hardships during the Primeval Age.

James talked for a very long time before Melinda finally found an opportunity to interject. She asked, “I
buried you back then. I was sure you had lost all signs of life. How are you still alive?”

James glanced at Melinda.

Before he traveled to the Primeval Age, he had no idea about their relationship. It was only after he
was in the Primeval Age, he realized their inextricable connection with each other.
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“I cultivate in the Chaos Path, which no one has ever cultivated before. It’s the reason I was

James parted his lips and explained in detail, not hiding anything from them.

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