The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3849

Chapter 3849

Radomir answered wistfully. “True.”

“I wanted to become a Macrocosm Ancestral God to give you enough fortune and opportunities to
become the Twelfth Universe’s second Macrocosm Ancestral God. I didn’t expect you to have already
become a Macrocosm Ancestral God without me noticing. Moreover, you’ve achieved so much at this
rank. Now you’ve even grown into someone who can intimidate the First Universe’s Lord.”

Radomir never presumed Forty-nine to be James and vice-versa.

He spoke again, “I’ll definitely come and listen to your lecture. I’ll take my leave now and let you
continue catching up with your loved ones.”

After leaving a few words, Radomir left the hall.

The conversation left everyone in shock. They were unaware of the merging of the universes nor did
they know that James went to the First Universe. Additionally, they knew nothing about James’ current

How high did his cultivation rank have to be to attract a Twelfth Universe’s Lord who was a Macrocosm
Ancestral God to his upcoming lecture?

Everyone could not help but stare at James as they attempted to determine his cultivation rank.

The whole event also made Jacopo curious. He asked, “Dad, Radomir said the First Universe’s Lord
fears you. I-Is that true?”

Everyone’s gaze was pinned on James, waiting for his answer.

James replied lightheartedly. “The First Universe proposed to fuse the twelve universes together. I went
to the First Universe to participate in a conference discussing this idea. I fought against the other

universes’ Macrocosm Ancestral Gods during the conference at the Chessboard of Heaven and Earth.
I barely held my own against them.”

After speaking, James glanced at Sienna. “Your Aunt Sienna is very strong. She’s a powerful Eighth
Stage Lord in the Dark World and is as strong as the Omnipotent Lord.

“What?” Many people present listened in fright.

The Dark World? A Dark Lord?

The Illuminated World was fearful of the Dark World, and the words James spoke were ominous.

Many people inadvertently retreated slightly.

Sienna rolled her eyes and said, “Am I that scary? It’s not like I’m going to eat you guys.”

James stood up and said, “Alright. We’re done here, guys. You can return to your respective affairs. I’ll
see everyone in Mount Bane five hundred years from now.”
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Everyone got up and began to leave. Jacopo also left the hall and made an announcement as the
Heavenly Court’s Lord.

“In five hundred years, my father will be giving a lecture on Mount Bane. Our Universe Lord will also be
attending his lecture. Anyone who has reached the Ancestral God Rank can head to Mount Bane to
hear his lecture.”

After Jacopo made the declaration, news of James’ lecture quickly spread throughout the universe.

“Isn’t James the father of the Heavenly Court’s Lord?”

“Wasn’t it rumored that he’s already dead? How could he still be alive?”

“Even our Universe Lord is going to attend his lecture. How high is this guy’s current cultivation rank?”

“I’d really love to attend his lecture but unfortunately, James set a condition. Don’t you think it’s rather
unreasonable? How many Ancestral Gods are there in the Twelfth Universe?”

“There’s still five hundred years before his lecture. We should use this time efficiently and improve our
cultivation rank. Perhaps we might reach the Ancestral God Rank by then.”

“That’s right. Don’t focus on cultivating more Paths. Instead, concentrate on mastering one for now, and
that might just let us become Ancestral Gods in time. I really want to see how strong James has

The news spread throughout the Twelfth Universe, and was the hot topic among powerhouses. Visitors
from the other universes also heard about the news and informed their respective universes.

The news of James’ lecture gradually spread to the other universes. The other Universe Lords and
Macrocosm Ancestral Gods rushed to the Twelfth Universe.

James had shown terrifying strength in the First Universe. Listening to his lecture was a once-in-a-
lifetime opportunity that might help them make the breakthrough they sought after.

Suddenly, powerhouses from various universes were all making their way to the Twelfth Universe.

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