The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3851

Chapter 3851

Quincy was sentimental. She looked at James and asked, “How about you? During these long years,
have you never developed even the slightest feelings for another woman other than Thea?

“I have.” James did not deny it. The profound insight that came with his cultivation rank urged him not
to deceive himself or others.
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“Who was it?” Quincy stared at James, curious about the kind of woman that obtained James’ affection.

James began to stir up dredges of the past. After a while, he said, “Back when I divorced Thea and
returned to the Southern Plains to participate in the war, you came all the way for me. After I was
injured, you dutifully nursed me back to health. Back then, I thought my relationship with Thea had
ended and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Quincy’s heart leaped in delight at his answer. That period was the most unforgettable and cherished
moment of her life.

Quincy asked, “Who else? Were there any other women who caught your fancy?”

James nodded. “There’s also Tiara. She’s the only woman I’ve ever been indebted to in my entire life.
Back then, a nasty conspiracy led us to sleep with each other. I’ve always wanted to make up for it but
never had the chance. I don’t even know how I should face her now.”

“Then what’s your relationship with Sienna?” Quincy stared at James.

“Sienna?” James had an embarrassed look.

“If you had asked me to speak about cultivation, I could go on forever. However, I really don’t know how
to explain my relationships.”

“What about Melinda? During the Primeval Age, you promised to take her as your wife after you
became an Ancestral God, but you perished in the Thirteenth Universe. In the end, your wedding could
not proceed.

“How about Brielle too? She also keeps claiming to be your wife.”

“Other than that, there’s Maxine, who did many outrageous things to steal you away from Thea.”

Quincy asked a series of questions, all related to James’ associations with many women. James had a
headache from her constant prodding.

Quincy smiled brightly and suggested jokingly. “How about you take all of them as wives?”

James immediately felt a shiver down his spine after hearing her words.

“I could never do such a thing. Who am I to do so? I’m not worthy of all their affections.” James quickly
waved his hand to dismiss the suggestion.

Quincy rolled her eyes and reprimanded him, “We’re already in a different era. The twenty-first century
is long gone. Even your son has several wives.”

“Ahem, ahem!”

James coughed softly and said, “I still haven’t found Thea yet. I won’t think about these things before I
find her.”

James felt troubled by all these relationships. It was not that he wanted to cling to past conventions, but
he had already acknowledged Thea as his life partner. It was hard for him to accept another woman as
he feared disappointing another person.

Speaking of Thea, Quincy’s lighthearted expression shifted and she asked seriously. “Where is Thea?”

James raised his head to the sky and said, “I wish I knew where she is right now. However, there are
no traces of her in the Twelfth Universe. Since she’s from the Twelfth Universe, it’s impossible for her to
be reincarnated in another universe.”

“Will you be able to find her?”

James paused briefly and said, “I should be able to. Perhaps, I’ll have to return to the Primeval Age to
the time before she was reincarnated. If I reincarnate alongside her, I might find out where she ended

It was the only method James could think of now. With his current strength, it was possible for him to
accomplish this. However, there were still some other things he needed to settle. Thus, he would have
to postpone traveling to the Primeval Age to track Thea’s reincarnation to find out where she went.

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