The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3852

Chapter 3852

James did not know which era Thea was reincarnated to. However, he did not dare search for her

Now that the merging of the universes had been postponed, he would have to wait for it to happen and
ensure things were peaceful before he could leave. Moreover, he had to make a trip to the Dark World.

After he returned from the Dark World, he could oversee the process of fusing all the universes. Then,
he would look for Thea after the twelve universes were successfully merged.

Quincy frowned and asked, “If you had to guess, which age do you think she was reincarnated to?”

James shook his head lightly.
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Although his current strength was at the pinnacle of cultivation, and he could divine many things, he still
could not presage anything related to Thea.

“There are three possibilities.”

“Yeah?” Quincy looked at James.

James said, “The first possibility is that there was a mishap in the reincarnation process, and her soul
was annihilated as she was reborn, leaving nothing of her behind. This would explain why I can’t find
any traces of her.

“The second possibility is that there are more factors beyond my understanding. Perhaps, there are
places besides the twelve universes in the Chaos that we haven’t discovered yet. Thea might have
accidentally entered these unknown spaces.

“The last possibility is that Thea wasn’t reincarnated for some reason and ended up in the Dark World.”

James could only come up with these possibilities.

Quincy comforted him, “Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll find her.”

James nodded lightly and said nothing more about this. The two walked side by side on the broad
streets in Cansington and chatted the day away.

James lived at the House of Royals for the next few days.

So many years had passed, and the former House of Royals had already ceased to exist. The current
House of Royals was already refurbished. Everyone that was on friendly terms with James in the past
had come to visit him to converse over drinks.

Callan sat opposite James in the House of Royal’s garden. His wrinkled face was nostalgic as he said,
“It’s been a really long time since I last saw you, James. You’ve already become a highly renowned
powerhouse of the Human Race. Meanwhile, I’m still struggling to move past the Divine Rank. I wonder
if I’ll ever become an Ancestral God.

“Of course, you can,” James said encouragingly. He casually waved his hand and used one of his
Supernatural Powers to accumulate some of the Twelfth Universe’s blessings into his palm.

Then he passed on those blessings to Callan.

Surrounded by fortune, Callan felt at ease and grew relaxed instantly.

“What did you just do, James?” Callan was shocked.

James smiled. “I gathered a bit of the universe’s luck to bless you. Regardless of how low your aptitude
is in cultivation, you’ll be able to become an Ancestral God with the luck I just bestowed you.”

Callan quickly stood up and attempted to express his gratitude.

James waved his hand lightly and said, “There’s no need for such formalities. We’re old friends. Doing
something like this isn’t difficult for me.”

Callan sat down again and grinned. “How does it feel to be at the pinnacle of cultivation?”

“How does it feel?” James was taken aback by the question. After a while, he replied, “I really can’t
answer you. With great strength comes great responsibility. As a powerhouse of the Twelfth Universe,
I’m responsible for the wellbeing of our universe’s residents.”

“That’s true. Never forget your roots. That’s the real foundation of cultivation.”

Callan gave James a thumbs up. The only person he had ever admired in his life was James.

“We haven’t seen each other for so long. Here’s a toast to you.” James picked up his wine glass.

Suddenly, a man in a plain black robe walked over.

“James, some people have appeared outside and are asking to see you.”

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