The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3853

Chapter 3853

James immediately used his Divine Sense. After identifying his visitors, he immediately ordered. “Let
them in.”

“Alright.” Henry left at once.

Several individuals from the Demon Realm stood outside the House of Royal’s gate, including one of
James’ former opponents, Lucifer, and the Azurean Clan’s Young Masters, Marcello, and Jace.

Henry approached them and welcomed them warmly. “James has invited you guys inside.”

The group walked into the House of Royals.

Callan immediately stood up and turned to James. “You should entertain your guests first. I’ll take my
leave now. Let’s drink again some other time.”

James stood up and bid him farewell. After Callan left James some parting words, he left the House of

Lucifer, Marcello, and Jace drew closer and stood in front of James. The three of them stared intently at
him. Lucifer looked especially overwhelmed. In the past, he and James were rivals. Although he had
lost a few times to James, there was not much difference between their strengths. They were almost on
par with each other.

Now, James had already become a grand and mighty Macrocosm Ancestral God who had achieved
many things. Meanwhile, Lucifer had only just become a Terra Ancestral God.

“Long time no see, James,” Marcello greeted James with a smile. In the past, she came to the Human
Realm disguised as a man and encountered James. At that time, James did not know she was a
woman. James looked at Marcello who was dressed in feminine clothing, and smiled back at her. “You
look better dressed like this. Why did you even think of dressing as a man if you’re a woman?”

After speaking, he looked at Lucifer and Jace, gestured to the chairs beside him, and said, “Have a

All three of them sat down.

Lucifer initiated the conversation. “I visited you mainly to inquire about your upcoming lecture. You’ve
set a requirement that attendees must be at the Ancestral God Rank. Could you possibly be a little
more forgiving and lower the requirement so that more people can listen to your lecture on Mount
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James shook his head lightly and said, “I’m afraid that won’t be possible. I’ve received news that
powerhouses from other universes have also appeared around Mount Bane. If I lower the requirement,
there might not be enough space for everyone.”

Lucifer said pleadingly, “Then could you save a few spots for me? I’d like some of my clan’s members
with great potential to attend your lecture.”

Marcello looked at James and said, “James, we’re friends, aren’t we? Is it too much to ask for a little bit
of leniency? I won’t make any additional demands. Just a thousand seats would be sufficient.”

Jace also chimed in. “I heard that the Heavenly Court is expanding the martial arts hall, and it will be
able to accommodate one trillion living beings.”

Lucifer was from the Demon Realm’s Hadean Clan and was now the Hadean Clan’s Lord. After hearing
about James’ lecture, he wanted to set aside some seats for his clan members. Marcello also came to
James to request for the same thing.

James said smilingly, “I’ll definitely agree to such a simple request. Forget about just a thousand, I’ll
even reserve ten thousand seats for you if you so desire. However, the Path I’m going to teach is

relatively advanced. Someone with a low cultivation rank won’t be able to comprehend my lecture.
Thus, it’s best to select clan members who are at higher ranks. They should be at least at the Grand
Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven.”

The three of them felt relieved after hearing James’ words.

Lucifer stood up first, clasped his fists thankfully, and said, “Thank you. I won’t intrude on your evening
any further. See you soon.”

Marcello and Jace also stood up, said goodbye to James, and left the House of Royals. Although they
used to be good friends with James in the past, he was now no longer on the same level as them.

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