The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3854

Chapter 3854

In the past, James held some prestige among the Human Race because he helped them to overcome
the Four Calamities. However, that was not particularly noteworthy in the Twelfth Universe.

Back then, he was still considered relatively weak in the Twelfth Universe, and his strength was far
inferior compared to Grand Emperors that had gone into hiding. He only acquired the strength to fend
off Grand Emperors after he helped Jacopo become the Heavenly Court’s Lord.

After the Elysian Seal was released, the Twelfth Universe ushered in a prosperous age, and its
inhabitants’ overall strength improved significantly. James’ contributions to humankind were not

When he reappeared, news spread that he would hold a lecture.

Everyone in the Twelfth Universe was puzzled. James had been gone for so long, and they were
curious about how strong he had grown now.

What qualifications did he have to hold a lecture?

However, rumors spread that the Universe Lord would also be attending James’ lecture, and it caused
a huge commotion. The Human Realm, Demon Realm, Fiend Realm, and other major realms were
trying to secure seats for their kin because the requirements to attend the lecture were too high.

The Ancestral God Rank was the pinnacle of cultivation. Although the Twelfth Universe entered a
brilliant age, not many people have reached the Ancestral God Rank yet. Various groups were trying to
secure a spot in James’ lecture through their connections.

Everyone immediately eyed the Cadens, Lafleurs, Callahans, and several other families. Many major
forces visited these families with gifts of rare materials, hoping to guarantee spots during the up and
coming lecture.

Meanwhile, those who were barely acquainted with James in the past scrambled to find him, wanting to
see him and appeal that they may join.

James did not expect his lecture to create such a fuss. He simply wanted to improve the overall
strength of the Twelfth Universe’s living beings.

After Henry sent Lucifer, Marcello, and Jace away from the House of Royals, Jacopo, and Carla
dropped by.

James sat at a gazebo in the House of Royals.

“Dad,” the couple greeted him in unison.

James nodded lightly, pointed to the stone chairs beside him, and motioned for them to sit down.

Jacopo sat down, but Carla remained standing behind Jacopo, knowing she was not worthy to be
seated in James’ presence.

Jacopo said worriedly, “News of your lecture has spread like wildfire, Dad. Now all of the Twelfth
Universe’s living beings are trying to find ways to enter Mount Bane to attend your lecture. Many other
universe powerhouses have already stationed themselves outside of Mount Bane. Do you think this will
lead to any incidents?”
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The other universes were powerful, and they could easily suppress the Twelfth Universe’s inhabitants.
Thus, Jacopo was worried that foreign powerhouses would cause trouble in their universe.

James replied calmly, “Incidents? Don’t worry. I’m sure nothing will go wrong. However, there will be a
huge crowd, and the martial arts hall might not be able to accommodate everyone. You should make
some invitations. Only those with invitations can enter the martial arts hall. Those that don’t have an
invitation won’t be able to attend the lecture.”

Jacopo nodded and said, “Alright. I’ll make arrangements immediately.”

“Has the martial arts hall been completed?”

Jacopo replied, “Construction was completed a long time ago. However, I heard powerhouses from
other universes had come to the Twelfth Universe, so I ordered for the martial arts hall to be expanded.
The expansions are also likewise completed. All that’s left is to wait for the lecture.”

James nodded lightly and said, “Alright. After the invitations are done, pass me some.”

Jacopo nodded. “Okay.”

He came to see James mainly to report the preparations made for the lecture. After giving his father an
update, Jacopo quickly returned to the Heavenly Court and ordered for invitations to be made.

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