The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3855

Chapter 3855

Soon, the invitations were prepared. Each invitation assigned a number which corresponded to a seat
in the martial arts hall. During the lecture, the attendees would be seated according to the number on
their invitations.

After the invitations were made, Jacopo headed to the House of Royals and handed James some
invitations for front row seats in the martial arts hall.

After that, Jacopo sent out an announcement stating that not everyone who had reached the Ancestral
God Rank could attend the lecture and would need an invitation. Even a Universe Lord would be
denied entry if they turned up without an invitation.
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Everyone was dumbfounded by the news. Other Universe Lords and Macrocosm Ancestral Gods
immediately flocked to Jacopo one after another, requesting invitations.

Jacopo also boldly requested that they exchange treasures for an invitation to the lecture. He accepted
miraculous herbs, treasures, cultivation methods, Genesis Stones, and other precious artifacts related
to cultivation.

As time passed, Jacopo made a fortune for the Heavenly Court just by selling invitations. Jacopo said
excitedly, “Dad, the other universes are loaded! They didn’t hesitate to offer up valuable treasures in
exchange for an invitation.”

James was rather calm. These treasures were no longer useful to him at his current rank. He looked at
Jacopo and said calmly, “Jacopo, you have the leverage to demand for more. If Macrocosm Ancestral
Gods come to you for an invitation, ask them for a Quasi Chaotic Treasure. If they refuse, then don’t
give them the invitation.”

Hearing this, Jacopo was slightly taken aback. After a while, he straightened up and said, “It seems I
was playing it too safe. Thank you for the reminder, Dad.”

After speaking, Jacopo left. With James’ encouragement, he increased his demands and insisted on
Quasi Chaotic Treasures in exchange for the invitations.

“You’re amazing, James.”

Henrik nodded approvingly at James and complimented him. “I didn’t expect you lecture to become
such a huge sensation.”

Henrik knew about James’ return and his upcoming lecture. He came to the House of Royals to visit
him in person. James stood up, stretched his body, and said, “I didn’t expect other universes to also
hear about the lecture. I simply wanted it to benefit the Twelfth Universe. By the way…”

James took out some invitations, handed them to Henrik, and said, “Qusai should be cultivating in
seclusion in the Fiend Realm. Send these invitations to him.”

“Alright.” Henrik took the invitations and headed to the Fiend Realm.

After Henrik left, James looked at the space ahead of him and said offhandedly, “You can show yourself

A ripple manifested in the space behind him, and a figure stepped out of it. A beautiful and sexy woman
appeared. She wore a colorful, sheer dress.

As soon as she appeared, she crooned sweetly. “Greetings, Master.”

“Hello.” James nodded lightly.

The woman was Mirabelle from the First Universe. She immediately asked for some invitations from
James. “Master, could you give me some invitations? We have many powerhouses in Mount Nine-
Saints, but since your lecture is now limited to those with invitations, they won’t be able to attend.”

James took out some invitations and handed them over to her without hesitation.

“Thank you, Master.”

Mirabelle happily accepted the invitations and beamed delightedly. “I shall leave you to your business

After getting the invitations, Mirabelle immediately departed. Later, many other Macrocosm Ancestral
Gods that James had encountered before visited him to also request for invitations to the lecture. Some
of James’ close friends and others he was acquainted with in the past also showed up at his doorstep.

James did not turn anyone down and gave out the invitations that Jacopo had provided him.

Time passed day by day, and the day of James’ lecture arrived at the drop of a hat.

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