The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3856

Chapter 3856

Mount Bane was the Human Realm’s holy site. It used to be the central region of the Human Realm
before the Elysian Seal was lifted.

After the Elysian Seal disappeared, abundant Primordial Energy suffused Mount Bane’s surroundings,
causing a lot of luck to accumulate in the area. As a result, many of the Human Realm’s families and
sects settled around Mount Bane.

Since James intended to hold a lecture, the Heavenly Court prepared a large area in Mount Bane and
built a huge martial arts hall.

200 years prior, many who received invitations had already begun to enter the martial arts hall. At the
time of the lecture, the martial arts hall was already bursting with people.

The martial arts hall was divided into many regions. With a spiritual mountain in its center, the martial
arts hall expanded outward in a circular shape. The spiritual mountains around the central region were
the closest to the stage where James would give his lecture.

Those seated near the central region were those closely related to James or were Universe Lords and
Macrocosm Ancestral Gods. If they were not James’ acquaintance, they were peerless powerhouses.

Seated a little further away were some powerhouses around the Caelum Ancestral God Rank. Behind
them were Quasi Ancestral Gods. The outermost region was prepared for Ninth Heaven Grand

Those below the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven were not entitled to attend James’ lecture.

The martial arts hall was huge and could accommodate a trillion participants. The Twelfth Universe’s
occupants occupied the majority of the seats in the hall. Meanwhile, the other seats were taken by

those from other universes. Most of them were Macrocosm Ancestral Gods that bartered for their seats
with valuable treasures.

A stone pillar was built on the peak of the spiritual mountain in the center. It towered into the sky and
was about several million meters high. On top of the stone pillar was a seat made specially for James.

James could see the entire martial arts hall from his spot.

Many seats were arranged on the surrounding spiritual mountains with a 100-meter gap between each
other, to ensure the attendees would not bother one another.

At that moment, the spiritual mountains were already packed with all sorts of people.

Everyone looked toward the central area, waiting for the man-of-the-day, James, to make an


At that moment, a ray of light descended from the sky. It shone atop the stone pillar in the central
region and formed into a man in a white robe.

“It’s James!”

“He’s finally here!”

“I never expected an ultimate powerhouse like him to rise from the Twelfth Universe.”
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“James disguised himself as Forty-nine and defeated many Macrocosm Ancestral Gods at the First
Universe’s Chessboard of Heaven and Earth. He even defeated the Omnipotent Lord.”

“Yeah. He also resisted an attack from a powerful Dark Lord.”

As soon as James appeared, it caused a huge uproar. The crowd buzzed as they spoke about him and
applauded his entrance.

James stood on the stone pillar in the central area. He faced one direction, but he was proficient in
various Paths and used his powers to allow those behind him to also see his face.

Although he was looking in one direction, he could perceive everything around him.

James looked at the countless living beings gathered on the spiritual mountains, and pride swelled in
his heart.

Who would have thought a mortal like him would have reached such heights in cultivation?

A woman in a blue dress sat in a lotus position in her front-row seat. She was very beautiful and had an
extraordinary aura. She looked at James in a daze. It was hard for her to believe the young man she
had guided in the past had unknowingly grown so much.

The woman was none other than Sophie. She used to live in the Celestial Abode, left behind by
Emperor Jabari. After James obtained the Celestial Abode, she helped and guided him in his
cultivation. Thinking back on the past, a wave of nostalgia washed over her.

James also immediately spotted Sophie in the crowd.

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