The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3857

Chapter 3857

James and Sophie made eye contact.

Sophie could not help but stand up and greet him. However, the martial arts hall was crowded with
people chattering excitedly, which drowned out her voice.

James smiled lightly at Sophie.

He raised his hand and waved it downwards.

The lively martial arts hall immediately went silent. The 1,000,000,000,000 living beings went quiet, and
a deathly silence blanketed the area.

“Greetings, everyone.”

James spoke loudly, and his voice resounded throughout the martial arts hall.

“Welcome to the Twelfth Universe and to my lecture. The main topic of my lecture will be about the
nature of Paths and how they change. Additionally, I will explain how to surpass the limits of Paths and
cultivate Macrocosm Powers.”

The audience immediately went wild as soon as James finished his opening statements.

The crowd cheered wildly for him, “James! James!”

It was incredible that they were going to learn about the nature of Paths and their changes from James,
along with techniques on how to surpass their limits and obtain Macrocosm Powers.

To have Macrocosm Power was the dream of every cultivator.

Moreover, there was a limit to how many Macrocosm Ancestral Gods could exist in every universe.
Once the universe reached the limit, one could not become a Macrocosm Ancestral God even after

cultivating Macrocosm Power.

Apart from a few earlier universes that already had nine Macrocosm Ancestral Gods, other universes
still had room for people to break into the ranks. Countless powerhouses were at the peak of the
Caelum Ancestral God Rank in the Twelfth Universe, but very few managed to cultivate Macrocosm

Now that James would explain how to cultivate Macrocosm Powers, many people were excited and
held their breaths in anticipation. Some powerhouses at the peak of the Caelum Ancestral God from
other universes stood up enthusiastically. They tried very hard to comprehend Paths to become
Macrocosm Ancestral Gods, but were unsuccessful.
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They were ecstatic that James would teach them how to cultivate Macrocosm Powers.

James raised his hand and brought it down. The noisy and restless martial arts hall became quiet
again. Thousands of eyes watched James. James slowly sat down in a lotus position on the stone
pillar. He waved his hand, and his power emerged and gathered Path Seals from their surroundings.

There were countless Paths contained in their surroundings. The Path Seals James gathered
comprised various Paths. James separated them individually, and only one Path Seal remained.

Everyone watched intently, afraid to miss even a small part of the lecture.

Only one Path Seal was left in James’ palm. It was an ordinary Path yet was also the building block to
everything. It was none other than the Fire Path.

“I’ll use this Path to explain.” James’ voice resounded.

“If you can understand my explanation, then you can cultivate Macrocosm Powers no matter what Path
you cultivate.

“This is a Path Seal. For cultivators, this concept is relatively easy to understand. To give a more
detailed explanation, I’ve divided it into the simplest and most primitive Path Seals.”

The Path Seal in James’ hand began to change and instantly transformed into the simplest and most
primitive form of the Fire Path. The Path Seal was also a kind of inscription.

“This is the simplest and most primitive Inscription of a Path Seal. Even cultivators at the Divine Rank
would be capable of comprehending them. I will use it to explain the flux in Paths and how it can evolve
into Macrocosm Power.”

James’ voice carried through every corner of the hall. Everyone continued to watch attentively.

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