The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3859

Chapter 3859

“I see.”

“It seems we’ve been working towards the wrong Paths.”

“There’s no such thing as right or wrong. Although the journey is different, the endpoint is the same.
James simply created a more efficient way to cultivate.”

The Macrocosm Ancestral Gods spoke among each other. Attending James’ lecture had benefited
them enormously and was better than spending countless Epochs cultivating in seclusion.

Ancestral Gods also gained a lot from the lecture. They had learned about the fundamental changes of
Paths. As long as they could grasp the theory, they could easily nurture any Path into Macrocosm

A charming and sexy woman near the central region of the dojo said, “Master, please explain the
Chaos Path to us.”

The woman that spoke was Mirabelle from the First Universe. James’ lecture had given her a lot of new
insights. She was an Eighth Power Macrocosm God and could easily understand his teachings.
However, she wanted to learn more about Chaos Power. The same was true for the other Macrocosm
Ancestral Gods. The thing they wanted to learn about the most was the Chaos Path.

James was the only person that had cultivated the Chaos Path.

“Chaos Path?”

James was thrown off. Until now, he still had not figured out what exactly the Chaos Path was. He had
only comprehended the various Paths of heaven and earth and how to develop them into Macrocosm
Powers. Then, he could integrate them into his Paths to enhance them further.

James closed his eyes and thought for a while.

“There is a prerequisite before you can practice the Chaos Path. First, one must master the Karma
Path, the Five Great Paths, and the Dark Path. Then, you’ll have to shatter these Path Seals to allow
their powers to converge. Lastly, you’ll also need a Macrocosm Core.

“A Macrocosm Core is the embryonic form of a universe. It contains the most primitive law fragments of
that universe.

“You would need these Path Seals’ power and the Macrocosm Core’s power to merge together. That’s
the first step of cultivating the Chaos Path.

“To enhance your Chaos Path’s power, you’ll have to constantly comprehend other various Paths and
evolve them to their highest potential.”

James began to explain about the Chaos Path. He did not conceal any information. After sorting out his
explanation, he told them about the process. His Chaos Power had indeed come about from this
method. He speculated the Chaos Path was the fusion of the various Paths. After mastering every
Path, one could discover the Chaos Path. However, it was impossible to master every Path due to the
constraints of heaven and earth.

Even if one was proficient in almost every Path, it was impossible to cultivate the needed Path Seals
because of the aforementioned constraints.

James fell into thought, ‘How was the universe born? Why does the Heavenly Path exist? Why were
there restrictions imposed? Did some powerhouse create the Heavenly Path to curb a universe’s

The stronger James got, the more he learned about the universes, and through this, he suspected that
there was an extremely mysterious and powerful being behind all these machinations.

James was already powerful and stood at the pinnacle of the twelve universes. However, these things
still remained a mystery to him.

After other Mcrocosm Ancestral Gods heard the method to cultivate Chaos Path, they shook their
heads in resignation and gave up the intent to cultivate it.
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It was impossible for them to successfully cultivate in the Chaos Path.

There was almost no one that could cultivate all Five Great Paths. Moreover, not much was known
about Karma Power. Since times of eld, cultivating the Karma Path was a matter unheard of.
Additionally, how was it possible for beings of the Illuminated World to cultivate the Dark Path?

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