The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3860

Chapter 3860

James explained the Chaos Path.

However, he was unsure whether his knowledge was accurate, as it was a Path that no one had ever
cultivated. Everything he knew was based on Yukia’s theories. He simply was explaining what he
understood from that.

His lecture did not last very long. James demonstrated the nature of Paths and how to evolve them into
Macrocosm Powers. Even a Macrocosm Ancestral God would take a long time to acquire this
knowledge on their own.

“I’ll end my lecture here,” James stood up slowly and said, “Whether you can comprehend my
teachings depends on your abilities and fate. You may cultivate here or return to your own sects and

After James spoke, he vanished from sight.

Although James had already left, his lecture’s attendees did not leave immediately. Many sat in lotus
positions in their seats, closed their eyes, and began to contemplate James’ words wholeheartedly.

They began to deduce and develop simple inscriptions to perfect their Paths.

300 years have passed since James’ lecture.

In the past 300 years, many living beings that attended James’ lecture had left the hall. Those that left
were those who had not fully understood his teachings. On the other hand, those who were inspired
were hesitant to leave.

James had left behind the Path he evolved during the lecture. The Path contained Third Rank
Macrocosm Powers. Those that stayed behind examined the Path to research it further.

Meanwhile, James sat in front of the Heavenly Court’s South Heaven Gate. He looked down at the
clouds beneath him and saw the beautiful scenery of the Human Realm’s Divine Dimension.

“A penny for your thoughts?”

A voice came from behind him.

Immediately afterward, a glamorous woman in a black dress walked over and sat down beside James.
She also peered into the distance.

James sighed and said, “I’m reflecting on my life. I’ve accomplished a lot in my path to cultivation. A
long time has passed, and everything feels so surreal. I constantly feel like everything is a dream and
will vanish once I wake up.”

“Why are you thinking about such nonsense?”

Sienna reprimanded him. “Don’t dwell on such things. Since you have nothing else planned for now,
let’s go to the Dark World. Don’t you want to learn more about Yukia? She has been to the Dark World
before and must’ve left some clues behind. Not to mention…

“The Dark World is far superior to the twelve universes. You may already be considered invincible here,
but there are countless other powerhouses in the Dark World. You’ll be able to meet stronger
opponents there.
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“Most importantly, the Dark World’s Heavenly Path is much more stable. The twelve universes’
Heavenly Path can’t even hold a candle to it. Even if a Macrocosm Ancestral God can destroy an entire
universe in the Illuminated World, they can’t cause substantial damage in the Dark World.”

James was immediately intrigued by the topic.

He stood up, stretched his muscles, and murmured, “You’re right. I don’t have anything else to do in the
Twelfth Universe now. It’s about time I head to the Dark World to investigate Yukia. At the same time,
I’d also like to try to find Jabari.”

In the past, James and Jabari headed to the Dark World and entered the palace left behind Yukia.

Jabari had learned a lot from the records kept in the palace. After that, he fought against Heaven’s
Adjudicator. Then, he decided to enter the Dark World to chase after Yukia.

James was sure Jabari had discovered something. He knew he could understand Yukia better if he
found Jabari.

Sienna stood up and asked, “When do you want to go to the Dark World?”

James said, “I’ve settled everything I’ve needed to do, so we can leave right away.”

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