The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3862

Chapter 3862

James cultivated the Dark Path, which had potential to develop further. The power of his Dark Path
could not be strengthened just by improving his Dark Power. Thus, he was slightly puzzled.

Sienna paused for a moment to think and said, “Let me explain it to you like this. The Dark World is
different from the twelve universes that we came from. Paths do not exist here. However, anything
originating from the Dark World can become a Path.”

“Oh?” James listened attentively.

“I’ve seen your Curse Magic before. You only succeeded in cultivating Dark Power because of Curse
Magic. In fact, Curse Magic is simply a Supernatural Power from the Dark World. It evolved into the
Curse Path after reaching the Illuminated World,” explained Sienna.

“Why is that so?” asked James.

Shaking her head, Sienna responded exasperatedly “How would I know? Maybe the twelve universes
don’t exist and are simply formed by laws and inscriptions. Perhaps the Dark World is our true reality.”

James was slightly taken aback by her suggestion. Sienna’s words seemed to turn the cogs in James’
mind. He suddenly remembered something Yukia had said before.
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“One becomes two, two becomes three, and eventually, the three will evolve into a myriad of things.
However, nothing lies at the end of cultivation…” murmured James cryptically.

These were Yukia’s words. She appeared in the Silent City of Death and left a message for him. She
also mentioned that her messages were meant to guide him. If he could understand her words
properly, he could follow in her footsteps and discover the truth.

“The truth? What’s the truth?

“Could the Dark World really be our actual reality? Are the twelve universes simply phemeral, and non-
existent? Is everything in the twelve universes simply formed by laws and inscriptions?

“Are our souls the only thing that’s genuine?”

James’ mind raced with thoughts.

When he reached the Omniscience Path’s Third Stage, his eyes were able to see the laws that formed
them and he could manipulate these laws at will. The only things that laws could not construct were the
souls of living beings.

“What are you muttering about? What kind of nonsense are you spouting? Nothing lies at the end of
cultivation?” Sienna questioned him with a frown.

“It’s nothing.” James lightly shook his head.

James dismissed his thoughts. However, he felt he was getting close to deciphering the meaning
behind Yukia’s words. He was close to reaching the pinnacle of cultivation and understanding the
twelve universes’ true nature.

When that time comes, he would follow in Yukia’s footsteps and uncover the truth Yukia had left behind
for him.

James cleared his head and the two quickly traveled through the black mist. They traversed through
the mist almost instantly, reaching further within the Dark World. They had not reached the Dark
World’s depths yet and merely passed through its outermost layer.

The black mist comprised the outermost part of the Dark World. After passing through the dark mist,
what they saw was no different from the twelve universes. There were plants, rocks, mountains, lands,
and rivers.

Everything that existed in the twelve universes also existed in the Dark World.

After passing through the black mist, James stood atop a mountain.

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