The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3863

Chapter 3863

James looked ahead of him and unleashed his Divine Sense. As he perceived his surroundings, he
discovered that things in the Dark World could not be disintegrated into Heaven’s law or law fragments.

He turned to Sienna beside him. James was unable to perceive Sienna’s law sequences and read their
changes to understand her life experiences. However, everything in the Twelfth Universe was
supposed to be reducible into their fundamental laws.

After realizing this, James pursed his lips.

Sienna piped up from behind him. “What’s the matter? What’s got you worried?”

“It’s nothing.”

James shook his head and did not explain anything as his thoughts were too complicated.

Sienna pointed at the scenery ahead and said, “That’s the real Dark World. The black mist only covers
the outermost part of the Dark World. Only evil spirits that haven’t cultivated a new physical body lurk
there. They are not considered real inhabitants of the Dark World. Only after entering this region will
they be considered proper inhabitants of the Dark World.”

James asked, “So the evil spirits are the souls of dead beings from the twelve universes and are only
considered creatures of the Dark World after they cultivate a physical body here?”

“Not exactly.”

Sienna explained, “That’s only one way that Dark Beings come to life. Creatures in the Dark World can
also reproduce naturally. Powerful Dark Beings can also reincarnate and can choose to be reborn in
the Dark World or in the Illuminated World.”

James suddenly thought of something and asked, “Then can living beings from the twelve universes be
reincarnated into the Dark World?”

Sienna shook her head. She did not know about these things since she had never been reincarnated.

After thinking about it, she said, “I know you’re thinking about Thea again. You can’t sense her in the
Illuminated World, so you suspect she has been reincarnated in the Dark World. It’s not an impossible

James said, “I hope Thea has been reincarnated in the Dark World so that I can find her. I should be
able to find her with my capabilities aat my cultivation rank.”

After he said that, he tried to sense her presence. James was intimately familiar with her aura and
knew it very well. His Divine Sense gradually extended to the depths of the Dark World. Every being
was scrutinized by his Divine Sense. It reached the deepest part of the Dark World, and found many
regions he could not encompass. Some were ancient factions and others were powerful countries.
Others were forbidden areas and territories of powerful Lords. There were too many areas that James’
Divine Sense did not detect.

He could not detect a single trace of Thea’s soul in the areas his Divine Senses covered. Crestfallen,
he gave up for the time being.

Sienna knew that James had spread out his Divine Sense, and said, “The Dark World is mystifying.
From what I know, it’s existed for a long time and predates the First Universe. Throughout this time, the
Dark World has seen the rise of countless powerhouses and many unknown regions. Your Divine
Senses can’t completely encapsulate every region at your current level.”
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James responded helplessly. “I have no choice but to slowly search for her. Before Thea reincarnated,
she told me that as long as we were fated to be together, we would meet again. I’ve practiced the

Karma Path and have a great understanding of Karma. Thea and I have been connected through
Karma, so I’m sure we’ll meet sooner or later.

“Alright, let’s put this aside for now. Let’s head to my domain.”

Sienna held James’ hand and they both vanished from the area. The two headed toward the deepest
part of the Dark World at a blinding pace.

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