The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3864

Chapter 3864

Soon, they appeared in Sienna’s territory. Sienna had spent countless years in the Dark World and
together with Xerxes, overthrew countless Dark Lords.

“This is my domain, James. It’s located in the Malevolent Land of the Dark World.”

“The Malevolent Land?” James gasped at the name.

Sienna explained with a smile. “You probably haven’t been to the deepest part of the Dark World and
are still unfamiliar. I’ll go through the Dark World’s layout briefly.”

“Sure.” James nodded lightly and listened carefully to her.

“The Dark World is divided into many regions, specifically the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths. Every
region is headed by powerful Lords, who manage the Dark Beings in the Dark World.

“The Malevolent Land is one of the Ten Earths.

“There are many Dark Beings in the Malevolent Land, including many powerful Lords. I haven’t got
detailed numbers, but all of the creatures in the Malevolent Land are under my and Xerxes’ jurisdiction.
We spent many Epochs trying to conquer the Malevolent Land and become its main rulers.

“Xerxes and I are the strongest in the Malevolent Land.”
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James listened carefully.

He only had surface-level knowledge of the Dark World before this. He learned that the Dark World
was massive and approximately as big as the entirety of the twelve universes. If a new universe were
born in the Illuminated World, the Dark World’s area would also increase proportionally.

He also knew there were many strong cultivators in the Dark World. Before the Ninth Universe existed,
a Dark Strife shook in the Dark World. Yukia participated in the conflict and injured 300 Nine Stage

From this fact alone, he knew how terrifying the powerhouses in the Dark World were. The Omnipotent
Lord was the only Nine-Power Macrocosm Ancestral God within the twelve universes. The Dark World
had 300 Nine Stage Lords that were highly formidable. That was a fearsome number of powerhouses.

“How many powerhouses are there in the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths?” asked James.

He wanted to figure out how many powerhouses were in the Dark World now.

Sienna replied, “The powerhouses in the Ten Earths have about the same strength and are mostly
around the Lord Rank’s Eighth Stage. There are also possibly Ninth Stage Lords that have hidden
themselves unbeknownst to me.

“The Nine Heavens, on the other hand, are home to extremely powerful powerhouses.

“There are Ninth Stage Lords in a number of regions in the Nine Heavens. However, as far as I know,
not many Ninth Stage Lords exist now, according to the ancient scrolls. There are only about four to
five of them. They’re the main administrators of the Dark World and control the Nine Heavens and Ten

“As for the overseers of the Malevolent Land, we’re required to offer valuable tributes from our region to
the Nine Heavens. If we don’t hand in these tributes, it’ll raise a huge fuss.”

James listened carefully.

Only having four or five Ninth Stage Lords was not very impressive, considering they were in the Dark
World. He was more concerned about where the powerhouses that fought in the Dark Strife had gone.

The Unmatched Emperor mentioned that Yukia severely injured 300 Nine Stage Lords. However, he
did not say she killed them. That meant that they were still alive, but where were they now and why
have they gone into hiding? Why do the Dark World’s living beings not know about them?

As they traversed the Malevolent Land, Sienna explained some of the Dark World’s happenings to him.

The Malevolent Land was huge and as strong as the universes from the Illuminated World.
Unknowingly, they had arrived at the Malevolent Land’s central region, Mount Malevolent Moon. Mount
Malevolent Moon used to be home to a mighty Lord but was now occupied by Sienna and Xerxes.

“Lord Sienna.”

“Welcome back, Lord Sienna.”

Along the way, many powerhouses on Mount Malevolent Moon kneeled on one knee and welcomed
Sienna’s return.

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