The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3866

Chapter 3866

The Dark World was expansive and divided into Nine Heavens and Ten Earths.

Before James had a deeper understanding of the Dark World, he heard it was the size of the twelve
universes combined. However, it was only a rough guess of the Dark World’s size. In actual fact, the
Dark World was much larger than the entirety of the Illuminated World. There were many unknown
regions in the Dark World and the Malevolent Land alone was equivalent to the size of a universe back
where he came from.

James left Mount Malevolent Moon.

Jabari fought a fierce battle with Heaven’s Adjudicator before the Forth Calamity. He sacrificed his life
to perform the Forbidden Art, Blossoming. More than an Epoch had passed since that incident. An
Epoch was 4.9 billion years. Although it seemed like a long time, it would pass in a flash for peerless

It has been more than one Epoch since Jabari went to the Dark World. However, he arrived at the Dark
World as an evil spirit and his limits were unbound. With his potential, it was possible he was already a

James used his Divine Sense to find Jabari’s soul. His Divine Sense spread throughout the Malevolent
Land, sensing every corner.

Unfortunately, there were a few regions that his Divine Sense could not penetrate. He ignored these
unknown regions and focused on searching the places his Divine Senses had scanned.

After scouring for a while, James could not sense Jabari in the Malevolent Land. His brows furrowed
and he immediately sat in a lotus position on a mountaintop. A fragment of Jabari’s soul emerged from
the Celestial Abode, and James began using it to locate him.

Although the Paths of the Illuminated World were suppressed in the Dark World, James was very
powerful and could still extrapolate based on vague information. An Extrapolation Formation appeared
before him and rotated non-stop. Dazzling light emerged and turned into magical power.


The Extrapolation Formation in front of James suddenly fell apart. James frowned at the cracked
formation and murmured, “What’s going on? Why can’t I find him? Did Jabari acquire a powerful
treasure in the Dark World? Could he have already become an unmatched being, making it impossible
for me to divine his location?”

James was slightly confused. With his current strength, he could locate a Macrocosm Ancestral God or
even a Dark Lord. Yet, he failed to find Jabari’s whereabouts.

His mind went through the possibilities why his search ended up fruitless.
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After thinking for a while, he suspected that Jabari and Yukia must have had an elaborate relationship.
The two were connected by Karma, which prevented him from divining Jabari’s whereabouts.

His only solution to find Jabari was to wander around the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths of the Dark
World. He would have to slowly travel to these places and use his Divine Sense to scan the area for
Jabari’s aura.

As long as Jabari had passed through, he would leave his traces of his aura behind, and that would be
picked up by James’ Divine Sense

Jabari’s aura was not in the Malevolent Land which meant that he had never been to this place before.
Therefore, James did not linger in the Malevolent Land and quickly headed to a new location.

He headed toward the Ten Earth’s Despair Land.

While traveling, James continuously utilized his Divine Sense to locate Jabari. However, he was
unsuccessful. James concluded Jabari had not appeared in these places either.

He wandered through the different regions one by one. James did not rush and meticulously traveled
through these places, not wanting to overlook even an inch.

300 years passed in the blink of an eye.

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