The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3867

Chapter 3867

The Dark World was huge. It was divided into Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, which were each
immensely vast. Even though James’ had an impressive cultivation base, he only managed to journey
through the Ten Earths during these 300 years. He had not ventured into the Nine Heavens yet.

Since Jabari was not within the Ten Earths, James had no choice but to look for him in the Nine

James’ current strength allowed him to expand his Divine Sense throughout the entire Dark World.
However, his Divine Sense grew less accurate the further it spread out. To find Jabari, he chose to
carefully search each and every area.

James left the last region of the Ten Earths and entered the Nine Heavens’ territory. His first stop was
Boundless Welkin, one of the Nine Heavens. James appeared in the Boundless Welkin and scanned it
with his Divine Sense. The results immediately made him shout in joy. He sensed a trace of Jabari’s
aura in a particular city within the Boundless Welkin.

The aura was very weak and seemed to have been left there for a long time. Had James come any
later, it might have completely faded away. Even if he were much more powerful than he was currently,
it would be impossible to detect the aura had he missed it.

James vanished and reappeared outside the city where he sensed Jabari’s aura.

He looked ahead at the ancient-looking city. The city looked very old and was large. The city gate alone
was hundreds of thousands of meters high. There were not many buildings in the city, only some
majestic spiritual mountains that towered into the sky and radiated exceptionally strong energy.

On the tall city gate were a few mysterious inscriptions engraved—Boundless Holy Land.

The Boundless Welkin’s cornerstone was the Boundless Holy Land. Many of Boundless Welkin’s
powerhouses settled around the area. Even the ruler of the Boundless Welkin stayed within the city.

On the ancient road outside the city, a young man appeared. He was a relatively dashing man dressed
in a black robe with a well-defined face and sharp eyes. Although he did not release any aura, he
seemed rather intimidating. Most people made way for him.

That man was none other than James. He appeared outside the city gate. After a quick glance, he
walked toward the Boundless Holy Land.

As he entered the city, he could see numerous spiritual mountains. Atop these mountains were some
buildings, forming cities for the Dark Beings to live in.
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James surveyed the surroundings, then quickly walked toward a spiritual mountain in his path. Soon,
he appeared where a wisp of Jabari’s soul aura remained. He stood outside the spiritual mountain. It
was about a million meters high and stretched for billions of kilometers.

In front of the mountain gate was a giant stone tablet with three words engraved—the Xaadsan family.

“The Xaadsan family?”

James looked at the huge stone tablet. “The Boundless Welkin is part of the Nine Heavens and this city
is their holy land. For a family to settle and establish themselves on a spiritual mountain here, they
must be very influential. I wonder what relationship they have with Jabari. Why was his aura left here?”

After muttering to himself, James strode toward the stone tablet. He felt a magical formation in front of
him. James looked at the formation, attempting to scrutinize it. However, nothing in the Dark World
could be broken down into laws. All James saw was a very cryptic and ever-changing formation. He

could not use the Illuminated World’s Paths to simplify the formation to deduce the changes. This made
it impossible for James to break through the formation.

His brows furrowed slightly.

Since there was no way to solve the formation, he would have to enter by force.

James stepped forward and touched the formation. The formation reacted immediately, and a powerful
force blasted him away. He did not resist the force, nor did he attack the formation.

James simply wanted to trigger the formation to attract the attention of the Xaadsans. He was sure a
powerful family member would appear, and he could explain his intentions to them.

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