The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3868

Chapter 3868

The Boundless Welkin was one of the Nine Heavens and the Boundless Holy Land was the Boundless
Welkin’s core region. Families that had a base on a spiritual mountain in the holy land were families
who had strong Lords.

Although the Xaadsans were not considered one of the top families in the Boundless Welkin, they were
relatively formidable and had a Third Stage Lord in the family.

The Dark World had countless powerhouses, but a Third Stage Lord was looked upon favorably. A
powerhouse at the Lord Rank’s Third Stage had many troops under his control. If they were to wage
war with the Illuminated World, the twelve universes would not be able to withstand the onslaught.

As soon as James touched the formation, the Xaadsans were alerted to the attempted intrusion.


At that moment, tens of thousands of blurry spectres appeared and turned into fully-armed soldiers.
Each of them wielded a long sword and all of them surrounded James.

Their commander shouted furiously, “How dare you break into the Xaadsands’ territory? Take him

At that moment, tens of thousands of guards lunged at James and launched an attack. James felt a
huge range of powers close in on him. However, he remained in place and deflected the attacks.

The commander immediately recognized that James was a powerful person that could not be subdued.

The division of influential forces in the Dark World was very distinct. They never set foot in other’s
territory, let alone trespass on another force’s spiritual mountain. Entering another’s domain without
permission would be tantamount to declaring their hostilities.

“Who are you? Did you think you could mess with the Xaadsans and get away with it?” barked the

James looked at him calmly. He could sense that the other party was strong as a Caelum Ancestral
God. However, his strength was nothing to James.

James said calmly, “I came here to look for someone. Bring me one of your higher ups, and tell him
that James Caden has come to visit.”

He had no grievances with the Xaadsans, so there was no need for a pointless fight. Moreover, these
soldiers were not the bother to deal with.

“Wait right here.” The commander knew that James was powerful, and they could not afford to offend
him. Thus, he quickly went to report James’ visit to his masters.
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Soon, an old man appeared outside the spiritual mountain. He looked to be in his 60s. He wore a
golden robe and held a golden cane. He looked at James, trying to gauge his strength. However, he
could not discern anything and made an unnerved expression.

Unable to sense James’ strength, the old man did not dare to act recklessly. He put away his cane,
clasped his fists, and said, “I’m Xenon Xaadsan, an elder of the Xaadsan family. Who are you here

James responded calmly. “I’m here to find a man named Jabari.”

A strange look flashed across Xenon’s face. However, he quickly hid his emotions and regained his
composure, saying, “Everyone in my family goes by the surname of Xaadsan. We do not take on any
other names. The person you’re looking for isn’t here. Please leave.”

Xaadsans made a gesture for James to leave.

James kept his cool. From his inference based on the aura Jabari left behind, he could tell Jabari had
traveled to the Xaadsans’ spiritual mountain about half an Epoch ago. James assumed he must’ve left
some information to the family.

“I can help refresh your memory. He appeared in your spiritual mountain about half an Epoch ago, and
this is what he looks like.”

James casually waved his hand, and a white light shone from his palm and gradually transformed into
a portrait of Jabari.

Xenon stared at the portrait, shook his head, and said, “I haven’t seen him before.”

James’ expression darkened. “Are you sure?”

Xenon nodded seriously and said, “I speak the truth. You should take your search elsewhere. There’s
no such person in our family.”

After Xenon finished speaking, he left with his soldiers, giving James no chance to retort. James stood
outside the spiritual mountain with his lips drawn into a frown. Jabari’s aura still remained at the
Xaadsans’ base, so he must have passed through this place sometime before.

Moreover, James noticed the change in Xenon’s expression, and was sure that Jabari must have been
here before. He was confused as to why Xenon would lie about knowing Jabari.

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