The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3869

Chapter 3869

“I’ll just have to force my way into their base and find out for myself.”

James raised his hand, and a powerful force flowed out his palm. At his current strength, one attack
would have been enough to destroy the Xaadsans’ protective formation.

He would have to coerce them into revealing their information.


James’ waved his hand, and the powerful force slammed into the Xaadsans’ protective formation.


The formation trembled for a while after the impact. The ground in the area began to shake, and made
it feel akin to a doomsday. The huge formation began to fall apart.

James made a powerful attack, and it attracted the attention of many Xaadsan powerhouses. Dozens
of figures immediately appeared before James.

Other beings on the other spiritual mountains of the Boundless Holy Land also sensed the tremors and
expressed their confusion.

Who would dare to start a fight in the Boundless Holy Land? Was this person not afraid of the
Boundless Welkin’s Lord?

A few powerhouses could not help their curiosity and began to inform themselves of the situation in the
Xaadsans’ base, wanting to know what had happened.

Many were paying attention to the Xaadsans’ base, watching everything happening in real time.

James broke the Xaadsans’ protective formation with one move and this attracted many of the
Xaadsans’ powerhouses. Dozens of powerful family members appeared. However, James was not
cowed and remained very calm.

“Who are you?”
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A middle-aged man stood up. He looked about 40 years old and wore an ornate robe. He had a stern
expression with veins bulging from his face. It was evident that he was getting angry. However, he was
suppressing the feeling.

An opponent that could break their family’s formation with one move must be someone fearsome. Even
though their formation was broken, the middle-aged man did not attack immediately and he asked for
James’ intentions.

James asked calmly, “I’m here looking for a man named Jabari.”

After he spoke, James took out the portrait of Jabari once more.

“Don’t try to tell me you’ve never seen him before. I can sense his aura in your family. It suggests he’s
been to your house about half an Epoch ago. I’ll give you one more chance to answer me truthfully.
Otherwise, there will be no reason for your family to continue existing in the Boundless Holy Land.”

James’ tone was very calm but oozed with venom. When they saw James’ appearance, the Xaadsans’
powerhouses were startled. James could tell from their expressions that Jabari was definitely
connected with the Xaadsans somehow.

“What’s your relationship with him?” asked the middle-aged man.

Before he figured out their relationship, he was unwilling to talk about Jabari.

“That’s none of your concern.”

James suddenly appeared in front of the middle-aged man at the next moment.

The middle-aged man was the current head of the Xaadsan family. He was a Forth Stage Lord, and
was considerably strong. When James appeared before him, he was pushed back by the force of his

A violent storm raged inside. He thought, ‘When did such a powerful man appear in the Boundless
Welkin? Why wasn’t I informed about him?’

Shocked, sweat covered on his face.

He was unsure of the relationship between himself and Jabari and was worried his family would not
survive if James were here for revenge.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you going to answer me?”

James’ face darkened, and he raised his hand. The Miraculous Chaos Path appeared from his palm
and caused the Heavenly Path of the Boundless Welkin to act abnormally.

Powerhouses throughout the entire Boundless Welkin were alerted to this change.

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