The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3871

Chapter 3871

Jabari, an ambitious man?

James knew Jabari very well, and Jabari did not fit that description. His strength was one of the best in
the Primordial Age. He could have easily dominated and taken control of the Twelfth Universe back
then, but he chose not to. Instead, he wandered around the ruins of the Twelfth Universe in search of
hints of Yukia’s whereabouts.

How could a person like him conspire for the mere position of the head of the Xaadsan family?

“Are you telling the absolute truth?” James glared at Laethis.

Laethis immediately nodded and replied, “I did not utter a single lie.”

James asked, “Then, where did he go after fleeing with Xulia as a hostage?”

Laethis said, “Jabari was besieged by many of our family’s powerhouses and was injured. However,
since he was holding our young lady hostage, none of us dared to act recklessly. We had no choice but
to let him leave. We tried following his traces, but he escaped into the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone.
Our family members did not dare to follow him deep into the place and turned around. We’ve had
people guarding the exit of the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone all these years, but they’ve yet to come

“The Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone?” James frowned lightly.

He had just learned about the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths in the Dark World. However, he was
unfamiliar with the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone.

Yet, he was sure that a place worthy of being a restricted area in the Dark World was definitely not

James asked, “What kind of place is the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone?”


His question took Laethis aback. He looked at James with a suspicious look. “D-Do you not know about
the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone, Sir?”

“Cut the cr*p, and answer whatever I ask you.” James’ face darkened, and his voice was grim.

Laethis dared not hide anything from him and answered truthfully, “The Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone
is an ancient region that has been restricted in the Dark World. Any place that is named a restricted
area is terrifying. They have power that surpasses a Ninth Stage Lord. Ordinary places are not even
qualified as restricted areas.”

“Power that surpasses a Ninth Stage Lord?”

James was surprised.

In the Illuminated World’s twelve universes, a Ninth Power Macrocosm Ancestral God was the limit
permitted by the Heavenly Path.

Were the living beings in the Dark World capable of surpassing a Ninth Stage Lord?
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“Tell me about the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone,” said James.

“Alright.” Laethis answered honestly, “The Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone is situated at the junction of
the Boundless Welkin and the Triple Star Welkin. However, there aren’t any records about when it
came into existence. I only know that it’s been there since ancient times.

“Rumor has it that a being surpassing a Ninth Stage Lord had fallen in the Ecclesiastical Restricted
Zone. An existence like that is called an Acmean in the Dark World.

“An Acmean had fallen inside the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone. Despite that, his remaining aura was
still extremely terrifying. Even a Ninth Stage Lord wouldn’t dare travel deep into the area.

“There are also rumors that another Acmean is hiding in the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone. There are
countless formations in there. It’s a dead end once you enter it. Since ancient times, many people have
attempted to venture the place, but no one has returned alive.”

After speaking, he asked tentatively, “Sir, what exactly is your relationship with Jabari? If you’re friends
with him, I advise you not to look for them. The Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone isn’t any ordinary place.

“If you’re an enemy of his, rest assured that he most likely died after entering the Ecclesiastical
Restricted Zone.”

James listened attentively in silence.

After Laethis finished speaking, James stood up and said, “I’ll go verify these things you’ve told me
today. I will venture into the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone. If I find out that you’ve lied to me, I’ll destroy
your family.”

James left a few words before disappearing.

After James left, Laethis’ smile disappeared, replaced by a grim expression.

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