The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3876

Chapter 3876

“Unknown Region?” James was slightly taken aback.

“What kind of place is that?”

Sienna explained, “The Dark World is huge. There are the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths. The
outermost part of the Dark World is connected to the twelve universes.

“The so-called unknown region is unexplored. There are no living beings in there It’s somewhat
equivalent to the Chaos Space outside the twelve universes, but not exactly the same.

“The twelve universes were formed in the Chaos and exist within it.

“The Dark World’s Unknown Region is different. It’s located in the deepest parts of the Dark World. It’s
rumored a passage exists within these areas. However, nothing is known about where it leads to.”

Even though Sienna had been in the Dark World for a long time, she was unfamiliar with the Unknown

James was surprised. The more he learned, the more terrifying the Dark World became.

“Xerxes entered the Unknown Region. I have to find him no matter how dangerous it is. He’s a very
crucial piece for me to learn more about Yukia. He holds the clues to solving the puzzles. I have to find

James turned to Sienna and said solemnly, “Since the Unknown Region is so dangerous and anything
can happen, you should stay back. I’ll go there myself and quickly check out the situation. Xerxes is
already injured, so he mustn’t have gone far. I’m sure I’ll be able to find him rather quickly. I’ll return as
soon as I find him.”

“What do you take me for?” Sienna asked. “Do I seem like the type of person to be afraid of danger?
Besides, Xerxes is my friend. I’m coming with you. I’m curious about what’s hidden in the Dark World’s
Unknown Region as well.”

“Alright.” James nodded.

Sienna was not weak. She was an Eighth Stage Lord, and James was not worried she would become a

The two advanced into the darkness without any hesitation.

The area looked similar to the periphery of the Dark World. It was shrouded in boundless black mist,
which contained corrosive powers. Even Dark Beings would be harmed by the power.

In addition, there was an unknown power within the darkness. It was capable of blocking one’s Divine
Sense and vision. Even a powerhouse like James had a limited field of sight within the dark mist.

James kept moving forward, following the traces of Xerxes’ aura.

Time seemed nonexistent in the darkness. Although James was a powerhouse, he lost his perception
of time there as well. They seemed to have been walking through the darkness for a short while but
also an eternity.

“Are you able to sense Xerxes’ aura?”

A feathery voice resounded in the darkness.

James parted his lips and said, “Yeah. Although it’s weak, I can still sense traces of his aura. However,
he seems to be in danger. I think those strange creatures might have caught up to him.”

After speaking, James grabbed Sienna’s hand and disappeared from the area. The next moment, they
appeared hundreds of millions of kilometers away.

The Unknown Region was vast and seemed as boundless as the Chaos. James and Sienna traveled
for a long time but still had not reached the end.

It was rumored the Unknown Region was periculous, but they did not encounter any dangers.
Moreover, James did not feel any pressure. It was likely that his incredibly high cultivation rank
rendered the force in the area ineffective against him.

However, he gradually felt an oppressive force on his body as he traveled deeper through the black
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However, the pressure was nothing serious to him.


After an unknown time had passed, James finally heard the sound of fighting.

The battle was fierce, and the surroundings trembled. Even cracks began to form in the dark voids.

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